DJ Picks: 370 FRESH TRACKS (Melodic House & Techno – Tech – Techno – Trance – Progressive – Deep House) 18/11/2023 – PART – 2

Styles: Electronic, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Indie Dance, Dance / Electro Pop, Nu Disco / Disco, Funky House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Organic House / Downtempo, House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Trance, Tech House, Deep House
Quality: MP3/320 Kbps

2 Sides Of Soul – Oriental Coffee
531 – Karma
680Tone – Emotional Resonance
7 Department – Feeling Right
7 Department – This Is The Deepest
A-SLAM, K.A.E & SØL (CA) – Falling (INARE Remix)
A-SLAM, K.A.E & SØL (CA) – Falling
ADZ & Rion S – I Believe In U (Extended Mix)
Agassi – Angel
Aglaia Rave – Relax
Agustin Pietrocola – On My Mind (Simply City Remix)
Agustin Pietrocola – On My Mind
Agustin Pietrocola – Reload
Air Paradise – Shawarma
ALE DRIK – Para El Pueblo
Alej Ch – Naralan (Extended Mix)
Alej Ch – Pagale Nise (Extended Mix)
Alexandros Djkevingr & MAAND – Nostradamus (Tomy Wahl Remix)
Alexey Union & Jenia Vice – Megatron (Original Mix)
Alley SA – Eastern Tales
ALPHA21 & Junior – Enigmatic Voyage
Ametrine (Original Mix)
Amordex – Yeter
AMSTERDANI – Tribal Spirit
Anderson – The Evolution
Andhim – Overnight (Original Mix)
Andre Sebastian – Under My Skin
Andre Sebastian – Vitamin
Anek – Back On Track
Aniket Prabhu – Tirandaz
Antoine Clamaran – Push The Brakelights (Extended Mix)
Anyer Quantum – Tombstone Inferno
Arte Vara – REDSILENCE (Original Mix)
Arude, Helk – Tell Me Why (2023)
Aves Volare, Cary Crank, Helius – Empty Space (2023)
AVIRA & Maxim Lany – Focus (Extended Mix)
B.ö.L – Addictive Love
B.ö.L – The Voice of Time (Matias Delongaro Remix)
Balthazar;Jackrock – In the Club
Bergstock – On the Run
Bhaskar & Avi Snow, Zeeba – Saudade (Extended Mix)
Boy Oh Boy, – Welcome Home (Several Definitions Remix)
Brian David – Deeply (Extended Mix)
Brigado Crew & Goom Gum – Listen (Extended Mix)
BRN, Screechy – Flexin (Extended Mix)
Bruce Leroys & Letícia Fialho – Maravilha Marginal (Aureum Dub Version)
Bruno Furlan – Give Me That Bass (Extended Mix)
Calvin Harris & Sam Smith – Desire (Wh0 Extended Remix)
Cattaree, Unseen, Matru – Fading Love
Chanknous, Peter Mac & lalo leyy – Taking Over Me (Paul Hamilton Remix)
Chopper (UK) – Loco
Christian Lena – Mwaki
CID – Get Hype (feat. Jaquell) [Extended Mix]
CJ Jeff – Around (Original Mix)
Claude VonStroke, Barry Drift – The Creeps (2023)
Claude VonStroke, Barry Drift – The Creeps (Mike Kerrigan Remix) 2023
Conrad Product, Menih – Starving Of Groove (2023)
Cosmaks – Dreamer (Extended Mix)
Crazibiza – Get Funky (Dj PP & Jack Mood Remix)
Croatia Squad – Energy (Extended Mix)
Dale Howard – Ghetto Funk (Extended Mix)
Deep Inzhiniring – Aftershock
Devarra – One of a Kind (Extended Mix)
Diego Serrao – No Other (Extended Mix)
Different Stage & Run Rivers – Rewire (Extended Mix)
Dinka – Delightful (Extended Mix)
Dirty Paws – Champagne
Dirtytwo – Embrace (Original Mix)
DJ ADHD & Chloé Robinson – 0121 Do One (Coffintexts Extended Remix)
DJ ADHD & Chloé Robinson – 0121 Do One (Extended Mix)
DJ ADHD – Hablando Conmigo (Extended Mix)
Dj Jackson – Don’t Cry (Cheb Hasni)
Dj Kid – Seagulls Fly When Mermaids Cry
DJ Phellix – Gypsy Voyager (Original Mix)
Dont Blink – Rasts Ra (Original Mix)
Dorian Craft, Chambord – Lost in the Night (Original Mix)
Dowden – Dagger Eyes
Durante – Remedy
Dymos & Shizzo – Majestic
Echubeat – Templo (Original Mix)
Eddy Tango & Sundrej Zohar – Drifted Moon
Eddy Tango & Sundrej Zohar – The Pain
Eleonora & Bongani – Floating on Rose Petals
Eli Brown & Layton Giordani – When I Push (Original Mix)
Elk Joy – Emotion
Elle Jae – Emotion (Extended Mix)
Elle Jae – Emotion
Emi Galvan & Albuquerque – Stay High (RIGOONI Remix)
Emrah Balkan – Inside
Enlusion & Slavlotski – Inferno
Eric James – Expanse
Estiva, Jess Ball, Fehrplay – Carnal Emotion (Fehrplay Extended Remix)
Evade (MT) – The Fuzz (Original Mix)
Evan De Novellis – Hold Me
Eve & Tumzz – Lean on Me
Extrawelt – Neongrau
Eynka – Skyboarding (Extended Mix)
F4T4L3RR0R – Beautiful Lie (Tomas Abester Extended Remix)
F4T4L3RR0R – Beautiful Lie
FDF (Italy) – Magic Vibes (Original Mix)
Felipe Alonso – From My Soul
Felipe Alonso – Random
Felix Raphael & Natascha Polke & coiro – Everything Is Yours (Extended Mix)
Fernando Acero – Hypnotic (Extended Mix)
Fran Garay – Relumb (HAFT Remix)
Frank FB – End of the Road
Freethinkers-Inc. – Juegos De Seduccion
Frosfiero – Walking People
Gai Barone – Robots
GAR – Nacho Bean
Gary Caos & Peter Kharma – Get Down Saturday Night (Rico Bernasconi Extended Rem
Georgi Z – Into the Past (David Phoenix Remix)
German Brigante – Never Before
Giancarlo Di Chiara & Monococ – Darkness Over You (Original Mix)
Gloria Gaynor, Joseph Sinatra, Zetaphunk – Reach out (I’ll Be There) (Extended M
Greta Meier – Enlightenment (Poli Siufi Remix)
GusGus – Breaking Down
GusGus – Danceorama
GusGus – The Terras
GusGus – Useful Data
Gux Jimenez – Dancing in Your Fantasy (East Cafe Remix)
Gux Jimenez – Dancing in Your Fantasy (Juan Pablo Torrez Remix)
Gux Jimenez – Dancing in Your Fantasy
Halishan, Alex – T – Sahara
Hansonic – Streets of Khartoum
Hermanez – Beautiful Outside (Original Mix)
Hermanez – Gamma Ray (Original Mix)
Hollt – Sins of Orion (Extended Mix)
Horisone – Tell Me (Extended)
Huntersynth – In My Bones
Hyunji-A – Blue Butterfly
iAM81 & Tovi (AR) – Venus in Pisces
iAM81 – Mars in Pisces
Ian Pooley – DDG Talk
ID ID – Engrave (Original Mix)
ID ID – Lightness (Original Mix)
IGCIØ – Fragments (Original Mix)
Ignacio Arbeleche – The Creator
Ilija Djokovic, Teya Flow – Into The Unknown (Extended Mix)
Illyus & Barrientos, Phebe Edwards – Wait (Extended Mix)
Indigo Man – Unknown Horizons
Intacto – Gandhara
IOA – Engolasters (Original Mix)
Ismail M & Redspace – Not Available (Original)
Istia – La Futura
Iulian Munteanu – Matca
Ivan Baffa – Conspiracy
Jadon Fonka – Another Face
Jadon Fonka – Blueprint
Javi Viana – Blanco (Extended Mix)
Javier Misa – The Wave
Jebby Jay – Savage (Original Mix)
Jepe – Ginevra (Dodi Palese Remix)
Jesse Middleton – Treasure (Extended Mix)
Jickow – Ghost Whisperer (Extended Mix)
Jickow – Ghost Whisperer (Rick Pier O’Neil Extended Remix)
Joe T Vannelli – Run And Shout (Club Mix)
John Dare – The One For You
Jolyon Petch feat. DaBeat – Thriller (MED33P Extended Remix)
Jon Johnston – All Working Together (Original Mix)
Jordin Post – Just Hold On (Extended Mix)
Jordy Medina – Good Memories
Juantxo Munoz, Robric – Delirio
Julian Liander – Dandelions
Julius Friedemann – Superluminal
Junge Junge – Here
K3SARA – Running Up That Hill
Kabir Khan_ Enrico van der Merwe – Tenterhooks
Kalima & Kris Dur – Integration
Kamael – Dose (Extended Mix)
Kasablanca – Rubicon (Extended Mix)
Kaskade & Crayskool – Its Gone (Extended Mix)
Kaskade & Digital Youth – Meaning Of Love (Extended Mix)
Kasra Samverdi – Unbound (Nutrica Remix)
Kay-D – Closer to You (Rockka Remix)
Key Lean – Introspection
Khainz – Complications (Extended Mix)
Khainz – The Answer To Everything (Extended Mix)
Klamshell – Just Believe It
Klangkarussell – Roads Of Gold feat. Redward Martin (Bojo & Dr Honey Remix)
Koelle & Reza Safinia – Reverie (Lovecraft Extended Instrumental Remix)
Kydus – Watching Me
LackOfAffekt – Intentions (Original Mix)
Lady Bee – Get Down (Extended Mix)
Lady Bee Ft. Sophia – Colors (Kriss Reeve Extended Remix)
LamatUuc & Thomaz (Mex) – Anaka
Le Pat & MRDX – Illusion (Extended Mix)
Leandro Murua & Venao – Night Garden Flowers
Leandro Murua & Venao – Sahara Desert
Lewis. – Blinded by the Lights (Original Mix)
Lexer – Amei (Extended Mix)
Lilova – Ya (Tebra Remix)
Lukas Wobeto – HeartBeat (Original Mix)
LYP – Mumma Salia
Magitman – Daybreak (D-Nox Remix)
Magitman – Daybreak (Original Mix)
Magitman – Daybreak
Magnificence & EisaYZ – Innervoices (Extended Mix)
Malin Linnéa & Sage Bava – Fate & Fiction
Malin Linnéa – Orb
Manficha – Time Control (Original Mix)
Marc Lenz – Crowd Control (Original Mix)
Marc MG – Have a Nice Day
Marc MG – The Things I Couldn’t Say
Markuss – Suco
Marsh – Elation (Extended Mix)
Martin Yorston – Spiritual Experience
Matt Moore – Coming Back To You (Original Mix)
Max TenRoM – Piano Ends (AMARE Remix)
Meadow Dawn – Children of Sun
Mecca & Arketech – Phenomenon (Unknown Concept Remix)
MEDUZA – Phone (feat. Sam Tompkins & Em Beihold) [Lili Chan Extended Remix]
Mercan Dede, Bahramji, Baham & Golshifteh Farahani – Jananeh (Madota Remix)
Mercan Dede, Bahramji, Baham & Golshifteh Farahani – Jananeh (Shan Nash Remix)
Michael Milov & Supplement Us – Gravity (Extended Mix)
Mike Kohl & BERDU – Ecos
Millerusha – Voices in My Head (Original Mix)
Mindlancholic – Over the Dream
Mitreya, Georgo – Black Magic
Modern Brothers – Astral (Original Mix)
Modern Brothers – Systems (Original Mix)
Monostone – Tia
MONTW – Lost On The Road (Echo Daft. STERO MUNK, Dublew Remix)
Mool – Locked
Moonbeam – Michael (ELSP Extended Remix)
Morys – Endless (Daniel Testas Remix)
Morys – Endless
Mvtty – This Is Destiny
My Secret Playground – Ich Geh Nicht Mit Dir
My Secret Playground – Running Through Fiction
Nadine Fehn – Evolution (Original mix)
Naomi Sharon-Another Life (AVI Remix)
Navla – Liste to Madonna (Original Mix)
Naïs Flavia – Mirage
NEM3SI$ – Invincible
NEM3SI$ – Our Future
Neuralis – No One (RaMuco Remix)
Nick Mason – Absence (Erik Bruce Remix)
Nick Mason – Absence (Pilch Remix)
Nick Mason – Absence
Nick Mason – Empty Streets
Nicole Moudaber feat. London Community Gospel Choir – Rise Up (Extended Mix)
Nihil Young & Propellar – Carp (Nihil Young Remix)
Nihil Young – Flare (Extended)
Nihil Young – Sweet Dreams (Extended Mix)
No Thanks – The Underground (Extended Mix)
Non Grata (GR) & Atencio (GR) – Masai
NonCitizens – Contact Me
NoToNo – Rave In Peace (Feat. Zalon)
NYKY – Therapy
Odd Mob & OMNOM & HYPERBEAM – Mind Awake, Body Asleep
Oliver Koletzki – Mind Games
Oliver Koletzki feat. Marlena Dae – Don’t Ever Wake Me Up (Original Mix)
Ophanim – Nyra
ORBITAL 365 – On My Mind
Ori B. – Intelligence
Ormus – Ewaranon (Paul Hamilton Remix)
Owners Of Time – Our Last Dance (Original Mix)
Owners Of Time – The Beginning of the End (Original Mix)
Pablo Arbelaez – Oulele
Pam Sessions – Going Deep (Original Mix)
Paradoks – The Last Time (Extended Mix)
Patrick Ruprecht – Hold Me
Patrick Ruprecht – Nothing (Robin Korsal Remix)
Patrick Ruprecht – Nothing
Paul Hazendonk – Just Breathe (Deeparture)
Paul Woolford x LF System Ft. Shayan – In My Head (Extended Mix)
Pete Tong x Jem Cooke & Jules Buckley – Heat Rising (Extended)
Phoenix Movement – Dark Drive
Pietro – Hidden Faces (Original Mix)
PINTO. & DvirNuns – House Hysteria (Original Mix)
Planet Funk – Chase The Sun (Nerko & Antonin Justy Edit)
Pole Folder – Elo (Solstice Mix)
Praise (BR) – My Soul (Original Mix)
Praise (BR) – Your Face
Prash – Step Into (Extended Mix)
Prok & Fitch & FLY BOY JACK – Let’s Go (Kristian Nairn x Unterberg Remix)
Proof Db – Arrows
Proof Db – Pharaonic Style
Qoobwave & Innessa Kuz – In Your Room (Extended Mix)
RaMuco – Unanswered
Rass (BR) – Uirapuru (Yonsh Remix)
Redspace – Unknown Planet (Nicolas Viana Remix)
Redspace – Unknown Planet (Paul Hamilton Remix)
Redspace – Unknown Planet
Return Of The Jaded & Tommie Sunshine – Get Dirty (Extended Mix)
Reza, Lawrence Friend – When It Touches (Original Mix)
Rich Venom – Equinox
Rich Venom – Pyramind
Robert L – Ascent (Extended Mix)
Roberth Grob;Mat.Theo – Playing Our Sound
RoundTrip.Music, Bjonic, Makso – In My Dreams (Original Mix)
Ruls – Music Is Our Language (Noiyse Project Remix)
SAJAY – Cipher
SAJAY – Defiant
Salva Oliver – Naotambire
Samjaza – Gaia
Samjaza – Salga El Sol
San Nicolas – Wake Up (Monococ Remix)
Sassy B – Mi Gente (Original Mix)
Schuerfes – Em (Christian Hornbostel Remix)
Sebassten – Temple
Senior Citizen – O Choros (Captain Future Remix)
Shake – Black Dress (Anyma Extended Remix)
Shelly.sntk – Road to Nowhere
SHKAPOV – Past Of Today
Shunus – Endless (Samaha Remix)
Silver Panda & Sevenn – Welcome The Night (Extended Mix)
Simbad – Nuphoria
Sinova – After You (Extended Mix)
Siwell, Tom Enzy & Vadi – Levanta (Extended Mix)
Skaderman – Road of Inspiration (JDC UK Remix)
Skaderman – Road of Inspiration (Travis Jesse Remix)
Soire – Dahab
Soire – Deep Dreamz
Space Hunter – Next Generation
Space Hunter – Touch Me
Space Yoda – Empire (Extended Mix)
St.Ego – Inner Fire
Stanny Abram – Moonstruck (Dub Mix)
Steve McGrath – Native
Stevo Atambire, Ayala (IT) – Sanga (Ayala’s Mirror Mix)
Suit 9 – Canticles
Symmetric Cloud – Trouble Area
Tarabana (Original Mix)
Tayllor – My Neck, My Back (Lick It) (Original Mix)
Tayllor – Ndofira feat Mavhugu (Original Mix)
Tchailyn – Red Sunrise (Original Mix)
Tchailyn – Saturated (Original Mix)
Tech D – Metamorphosis (Organic mix)
The Friend – Nature’s Magic
The Friend – Secrets of the Hills
The Oddness – Wisdom (2023)
Third Culture (USA) – Power
Tidal Lock – Exo Planet
Todd Edwards – God Will Be There (Low Steppa Extended Remix)
Todd Edwards – Show Me A Sign (Shermanology Extended Remix featuring Conquer Jon
Tom Sommerson – Connections (Extended Mix)
Tone Of Arc – The Hard Road (Dove City Remix)
Tone Of Arc – The Hard Road (Roman Shazse Remix)
Tough Love & Aaron Pfeiffer – Questions (Extended Mix)
Tujamo – Better Safe Than Sorry (Tujamo X Deadline VIP Mix) (Extended Mix)
UNIV3RSE (sL) – Voyager
Uri Mood – Get your Knee off our neck (Organ Break Mix)
Uri Mood – Get your Knee off our neck (Original Mix)
VANDER (DR) & Tanit – Pupa
Velvet Mode – Begin the End feat. JCJO (Extended Mix)
VERDZ – Hallo Earth
Vicius (BR), Zanna (BR) – Fever Dream (Extended Mix)
VLTRA (IT) – Funk Soul Brother (GENESI Extended Edit)
Walking Among Gods, Fran Lopez (ofc) – You Are
Walls of Arctica – Nothing Left to Say
Weiss (UK) & Eli Brown – Push It Up (Original Mix)
Woki Toki – Puzzle (2023)
Wolfram, Josh Ludlow – YoYo Disco (Extended Mix)
Word of Mouth UK – It Ain’t Easy (Original Mix)
YATES, Kaiser Waldon – ?olours (Omeria Remix)
Yocon – Mwaki
Yotto & SONIN feat. AunA – Let You Go (Joris Voorn Extended Remix)
YOUNA (KR) – Get Higher
Youssef lulev – Leave (Original Mix)
Zac & NILU (DK) – Dune (Extended Mix)
Zoeken – Transcend
Zoeken – Undersystem
Zoldiex – Lost & Found
Zumzumbang & Junior Ben – Kangchenjunga (Jack Essek Remix)
Zy Khan – Avenge (Original mix)
Zy Khan – Tension Deficite (Original mix)