DJ Picks: 440 FRESH TRACKS (Melodic House & Techno – Tech – Techno – Trance – Progressive – Deep House) 01/11/2023 – PART – 2

Styles: Electronic, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Indie Dance, Dance / Electro Pop, Nu Disco / Disco, Funky House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Organic House / Downtempo, House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Trance, Tech House, Deep House
Quality: MP3/320 Kbps

0Gravity – Face The World (Acoustic Mix)
0Gravity – Face The World (Extended Mix)
84 Avenue – Mirage
A X L – Safari
Abell – Lost Without You (Extended Mix)
Activa, Rolo Green, Julie Harrington – Reach Out (Sonic Element Extended Midnight Mix)
Adonis FR – Universal Artifice
Adriatique, Gordo – With You (Original Mix)
Agustin Petros – Alpha (Original Mix)
Agustin Petros – Start All Over (Original Mix)
AIKON, Austin Salter & James Flower – Gone (Aikon Vision)
AIKON, Daniel Rateuke-Mbili (Original Mix)
Airwave – Tears In Rain (Extended Mix)
Akari System – Skittles (Original Mix)
Alatheia – Pride & Prejudice (Extended Mix)
Aldo Moro – Inception (Extended Mix)
Aleksandr Stroganov – Enlightenment
Aleksandr Stroganov – The Epiphany
Alex Aveiro, Tirik – Solar (Extended Mix)
Alex ll Martinenko – Abyss (Original Mix)
Alex Preda – Starring At You (Extended Version)
Alex Preda – Those Who Know (Extended Version)
Ali X – COKETAS (TH3OS Remix)
Ali X – COKETAS (Vleks Remix)
ALLeks – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
ALMMA (BR) – Beautiful Mind
Analog Jungs – Futura (Dowden Remix)
Analog Jungs – Futura (EANP Remix)
Andi & Alex – East Trip (Original Mix)
Andrea Ribeca – Into The Future (Extended Mix)
Andrew Peters – More Than Words (Extended Mix)
Andrew Robbixen – Horoscope (Extended)
ANT LaROCK – This Is What You Like (Original Mix)
Antdot Maz (BR) – Learning To Love (feat. Noah H
Anton Ishutin – Section (Original Mix)
Anturage, Alexey Union & CATMOONK – Children of the Night (Space Food Remix)
Anza & Blac J – Rastafari
Arco, Into The Ether & Lumynesynth – Pull Me Closer feat. Lumynesynth (Extended Mix)
Ari Grey – This Is What It Feels Like (Dave Martin Extended Remix)
Ari Grey – This Is What It Feels Like (Extended Mix)
Armonique – Bad Talk
Artem Arknet – Song of the Siren (Emiliano Ferrareso Extended Remix)
Arude & Heik – Tell Me Why
Asonant – Death Say
Asphere & Simulfas – Libera Me
Ata. – All Night (Extended Mix)
AudioStorm & Ashes and Dreams – I Believe (The Wash Remix)
AUGUSTE & Idd Aziz – Tomorrow (Extended Mix)
AVAM – Orbit (Extended Mix)
Avis Vox – Freeze! (Extended Mix)
Avity – The Legend (Original Mix)
Axel Haube, ELVRA – Kinetische Impulse (Original Mix)
Axel Zambrano – Angels (Extended Mix)
Bait & Switch – Metropolitan Stories
Barbatuques, Soldera – Baianá (Original Mix)
Beatsole x Eugenio Tokarev feat. EKE (NL) – Nomads (Extended Mix)
Beatsole, Eugenio Tokarev, EKE (NL) – Nomads (Extended Mix)
Bedouin – Coldman (feat. Nathan Daisy)
Bedouin, Delaram Kamareh – Hokema (feat. Delaram Kamareh) (Original Mix)
Benny Gum – Indigo
Bhaskar & JADED – When I See It (feat. The Vic) (Extended Mix)
Biljana Pais – What Is
Bizen Lopez – Matt Bu Lanzz (Original Mix)
Bobby Neon – My Haus (Extended Mix)
Bondarev – Meteora
Bookash – Falling From the Sky’s
Bookash – Somewhere in Time
Bruno Furlan – Yeah (Extended Mix)
Burex – Extraterrestrial (Original Mix)
Burex – Pushback (Original Mix)
Calvin Harris & Sam Smith – Desire (Meduza Extended Remix)
Capoon – Ubwoko
Cary Crank – Don’t Walk Away (Sundrej Zohar Remix)
Cenk Eroge, Ozkan Berber, Sancar Yildrim – Convergence (Extended Mix)
Chapa X – Doppler (Original Mix)
Chapa X – One More Lie (Original Mix)
Charlotte de Witte – High Street
Chernov – Fioleyt
Chernov – Run Away
Chernov – With Each Other
Citizen G – Singularity (Extended Mix)
CJ Bolland – There Can Be Only One (John Askew Extended Remix)
Clemente – Akelarre (Yamil Remix)
Cloud Cat – In Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
Club De Combat, Rex The Dog – Time (Korgasmatron Part II)
coiro, Yannek Maunz & Johanson – Castaway
Colyn – Cyclone (Original Mix)
Colyn – Rushing (Original Mix)
Cristoph – I Will Find You (Extended Mix)
Croatia Squad – French Business (Extended Mix)
Cubicolor – As You Fly (16BL Extended Mix)
Cybek – Tribute
Da Fresh – The Journey
Dabeat Kamilo Sanclemente – Futura (Extended Mix
Dafinchi – Vortex (Hard Dive Remix)
Dale Howard feat. Roland Clark – WTF (Original Mix)
Dan Cooper – Eden (Extended Mix)
Daniel Rateuke – Flukosa (Original Mix)
Daniel Vilchez – Sunrise (Original Mix)
Danny Serrano – Echoes (Extended Mix)
Danny Slim & Enzo Siffredi – Kua Kary
Danny Snowden – One After Another (Original Mix)
DANOR – Chaos
DANOR – Wild
Darkox – Herceg Novi
Darles Flow, Lafreq – Going Home
David Forbes – Underground (Extended Mix)
David Yarrow, Jue – Feel It In My Mind (Extended Mix)
Deciduous, Atóm (IE) – Joyail (Original Mix)
Deeper Purpose, BRN, JmNPR – Up N’ Down (feat. JmNPR) (Extended Mix)
Denis Efremov – Call Of Dreams (Original Mix)
Dennis Engelhardt – Around the Head (Extended Mix)
Dennis Sheperd, Gid Sedgwick – Happier Than Now (Extended Mix)
Dermot Kirby – Thunderbolt (Extended Mix)
Dimmish – Antidote (Club Mix)
Dinky – Luvin (Original Mix)
DJ Frankie Guess – Different Bass (Original Mix)
DJ Frankie Guess – That`s My Lead (Original Mix)
DJ Ino – Karibu (Original Mix)
DJ Oscar Sharm, Bassam Rady – Bayati
Dmitry Molosh – Glide (Original Mix)
Dmitry Molosh – Outside (Original Mix)
Domshe – Jealousy (Rojan Remix)
Domshe – Monoph (Original Mix)
Double Touch – Sirens Song (Oktave Remix)
Double Touch – Sirens Song
Driftmoon, Allen Watts – Power Of The Universe (Extended Mix)
Driftmoon, Roxanne Emery – As We Fall (Orchestral Mix)
Dulus – Nomy (Original Mix)
Dutchican Soul, Greg Van Bueren – Reckless Girl (Extended Mix)
Ed Lev – Fate
Eddy Tango & Sundrej Zohar – The Space
ELEMENT3 – Hypnotic
ELEMENT3 – Signals
Eli & Dani – Hypnosis (Original Mix)
Eli & Dani, Zac – The Reflection of Voices (Original Mix)
Elle Jae – Breathe (Extended Mix)
Emanuel Satie – Coloring Book
Emrah Balkan – Cluster
Emrah Balkan – Demolition (Original Mix)
Emre K. & Onur Guneri – Reflections feat. Onur Guneri (Extended Mix)
Emre K. & Onur Guneri – Reflections feat. Onur Guneri (Haze-M Extended Remix)
Enzo Siffredi & Coherence (ES) – JOIA
Eriva – Oracle
Estiva – What Is Love (Extended Mix)
Evgeniy Gladikov – Outside the Earth (Minimal Edit
Eximinds, Alex Prima – Another Space (Extended Mix)
F4T4L3RR0R – Everfall (Extended Mix)
FADERX – Forbidden Voices (Club Mix)
Federico Flores – Outer Space (Callecat Remix)
Fer Mora – Walk (Original Mix)
Fernandez – Pure Action
Filippos & Dimp – Places & Faces
Filippos & Dimp – Stray Man
Foletto, HOO – Make Me Feel (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)
Forniva, Veljko Jovic – Costa Blanca (Original Mix)
Freddy Be, Savi Leon – Say What You Wanna Say (Original Mix)
Fredix – Between Heaven And Moon (Extended Mix)
Fulltone – Till My Baby Gets Back
Gaba Kamer – Zero Problems
Gao (CHN) – Adieu (Intro Mix)
Gao (CHN) – Adieu (Original Mix)
GarryG – Genesis (Extended Mix)
Gary Murray – Polaris (Original Mix)
GEMINIS – Puzzlement (Original mix)
Gero Pellizzon – Eden (Original Mix)
Giorgia Angiuli, Alfa Romero – Sad & Happy (Extended Mix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani x Alex Sonata & TheRio feat. Tishmal – Tears Of The Kingdom (Extended Mix)
Glenn Morrison, Chris Schambacher – Floating In Space (Original Club Mix)
Gogol – Your Night
Gorgon City, Julia Church – A Lot Like Heaven (Space Motion Extended Mix)
Goyanu & Solatic – Koruyucu (Original Mix)
Greg Oakland, Jaime Deraz – Ethereal (Extended Mix)
Grigore – Instinct Power
Guava Project, Dreammaster – Gates Of Heaven (Extended Mix)
Gueva – No Body (Original Mix)
Hector Toledo – Reborn (Extended Mix)
Henri Bergmann & Hardt Antoine – Can’t Escape
Hevi Levi – Back Room
Heîk & Arude – Tell Me Why (Original Mix)
High 5 – As Long As It Takes (Tomas Heredia Extended Remix)
HNTR – Alter Reality (Extended Mix)
Hyunji-A – Memories in Sepia (Figueras Remix)
iAM81 – Momentum (Original Mix)
Idoru – Trust You (Darlyn Vlys Remix)
IGCIØ – Above the Clouds (Original Mix)
Illaro – Masquerade (Extended Mix)
Indifferent Guy, Beat Inside, ODYSSAY & AYU (UA) – Moonlight (Beat Inside, AYU UA Remix)
Inessa – Ultramarine
INRIVEN – Circle Of Eternity (Extended Mix)
Ismael Rivas, Luke Garcia – Ikon (Original Mix)
ISMAIL.M Maze 28 – Chain Reaction (Extended Mix)
Isotopia – Forgetting Time (Intro Mix)
Isotopia – Forgetting Time (Original Mix)
Ivan Goldenberg – Party (Original Mix)
Jackie Jeff – In My Head (Original Mix)
JAN DE VICE, RAMIN ARAB – Titanium (Extended Mix)
Javier Ho – A Day in Berlin
JB Martinz – Dale Hasta Bajo
Jerome Isma-Ae & Sandeep Pai – Nightfall (Original Mix)
JFK – Good God (Big CMV Extended Remix)
JFK – Good God (Extended Mix)
Joe Mattei – Assume
Joe Mattei – Onus (Rafael Cerato Remix)
John Meva – Fcking RAVE (Extended Mix)
John Summit & VLTRA (IT) – Legacy (Extended Mix)
Jona Tedesco – Lecter (Extended Mix)
Jono Stephenson – Can’t Get Up
Jordan Suckley – Warp Speed (Extended Mix)
Justin Marchacos – Anticipate
Justin Marchacos – Quest for the Crown
Kaive – Hyperworld
Kakura – Kalilba (Amir Telem Remix)
Kakura – Kalimba (Original Mix)
Kasablanca – Am I Dreaming_ (Øostil Extended Mix)
Kataploks – 4 Your Love (Extended Mix)
Kawtar Sadik, Capoon & Angelos – Mazali feat. Kawtar Sadik
KayZen – Astronaut (Extended Mix)
Khen – Babylon
Khen – Purple (Original Mix)
Kiubbah Malon, Marian (BR), Greg Santos – Queloque feat. Kiubbah Malon (Original Mix)
KJAER – Before Sunrise (Original Mix)
Kole Audro & Darno & GATA Band – Rituals (Billy Esteban & Rialians on Earth Remix)
Kolophane – Another Night (Extended Mix)
Kommodo – The Lighthouse
Konstantin Makarov – Caustic
Kosmo – Be Strong (Original Mix)
Kosmo – Speak Up (Original Mix)
Kreisler & RMNY – Souls
La Sabrosura – Amour Dansant (Original Mix)
Last 2 Standing – Acheron (Original Mix)
Latmun – Bass (Original Mix)
Le Son Du Placard & Sardinian Love – World Of Sounds
Leandro Murua – Journey Inward (Extended Mix)
Leftwing – Kody, Glasgow KI$$, Robot Collective – Mushrooms (Extended Mix)
Lehar, Kadosh (IL) – Again And Again (Original Mix)
Levitate – Quetzal (Extended Mix)
Lexer – The Unknown
Like Mike, Eden Shalev – Linaly (Original Mix)
Liquid Dream – Secret Moment (Extended Mix)
Lokust – Paradise Lost
Lorenzo de Blanck – Gimme Some (Original Mix)
LP Giobbi – Time Expands
LR Uplift – Day Of Peace (Extended Mix)
Luke Garcia – Ever (Original Mix)
Luke Garcia – The Last (Original Mix)
Lusii – Another Perspective (Original Mix)
Lusii – Psilo (Original Mix)
Maetrik – Caught Between (Original Mix)
Mahts – Eleven (Emiliano Ferrareso Remix)
Mala Ika – Ping Pong Balltanz (Original Mix)
Maman & Maryn – Feeding the Fire (Beckeringh Extended Remix)
Manuel De La Mare, Luigi Rocca – Disco 666 (Extended Mix)
Maori, Adam Ten – Spring Girl (Extended)
Marco V – Resource (Extended Mix)
Marco V – Resource (Vision 2020 Mix)
Marian (BR), Greg Santos – She Said (Original Mix)
Mariano Mancini – I Found You (Extended Mix)
Martin Serbali – Blurry Sight (Original Mix)
MarynCharlie & MaMan (NL) – Feeding the Fire (Passenger 10 Extended Remix)
Matur feat. Sanjaya – Triangle (Extended Mix)
Mauro Somm – At The Party (Original Mix)
Max Wexem – Secret (Extended Mix)
Maz (BR), Antdot & Noah Henderson – Learning To Love (Extended Mix)
Melodicr – Take Me Away (Original Mix)
Melvin Spix & THNK – Simulation
Michael Anthony – Hold On (Extended Mix)
Michael Badal – The Dark Side of Bangkok (Extended Mix)
Mindo pumbum – Glare (RIGOONI Extended Remix)
Misano – Max Atmosfera
Mkhuz3ro – Siren (Original Mix)
Mladen Tomic – Fly With Me (Original Mix)
Modbit – Dimension
Monojoke – About Soul
Montw – Obsidian
Moonsound – Always and Forever
Moonwalk, Alessio Cristiano – Eternal (Original Mix)
Mor Avrahami, Shani Badihi & Snir Bar Hanin – Butterfly feat. Shani Badihi (Extended Mix)
Moullinex, Xinobi & James Flower – The Truth (Moullinex & Xinobi Re-Imagine)
MPathy – Spike (Extended Mix)
My Friend – GOSH (Extended Mix)
My Friend – Swoon Tune (Extended Mix)
N-sKing, Thomas Lloyd – Chemical Future (Extended Mix)
n1nja, Zayn Mohammed – Sequential
N1RVAAN – Skyfall (Extended Mix)
Nacjus – Space Flow (Original Mix)
Nakk – Dimension (Original Mix)
Narel – Ex Acid Machina (Original Mix)
Narel – Six Moves Sideways (Original Mix)
Needs No Sleep & Fab Massimo feat. Tae – Work The Floor (Original Mix)
Neo Human – Galaxy (Zombies In Miami Remix)
Neville Klaus – Fiction Land
Neville Klaus – Stylo
Nick Curly – It’s You & Me (Original Mix)
Nicolas Masseyeff – Double Visage (Oxia Remix)
NIF – Pump Up The Jam (Original Mix)
Night Stories – Ethnos [OPENGATE SOCIETY]
Night Stories, Space Food – Ethnos – Space Food Remix [OPENGATE SOCIETY]
Nihil Young & Aaron Suiss – Skyfall
Nitefreak with andfriends x Phina Asa – Ike Onu (Extended Mix)
Noise Generation – Knuckles Tune (Extended Mix)
Noise Generation – Tulum Mantra
Nomas – Imagine (Original Mix)
Nopopstar – Sweet Talk
Nopopstar, 2JOHN S, Eugene Jay – Never Stop Me
Numedian – Overdrive (Extended Mix)
Omar Nickel – Black Paradise (Original Mix)
Omar Nickel – Psycho Garden (Original Mix)
Ozzie Guven – My Jam (Original Mix)
P.O.S. – 5 Minute Buildup (Original Mix)
Pablo Fierro, Atmos Blaq – Kababo (Original Mix)
Packim, HYLE, Vic Blonde – Everywhere (Phunkadelica Gym Tonic Mix)
Pari Dominik Saltevski – Calm State of Mind
Paride Saraceni – Intuition
Paul De Fol, Kris Max – Atmosphere (Gabrielle Ag Extended Remix)
Paul Denton – Siren (Original Mix)
Paul Ursin – Let me
Paulo Almeida – Hope (Extended Mix)
Pete K – Between Trees (Extended Mix)
Pete K – In Its Right Place (Extended Mix)
Pinto. – Kalya
Plastic Robots – Daybreak (Extended Mix)
Plus Thirty – Looking for Me
Polzn Bladz, Pulse Code – Busted Flush (Chris Oblivion Remix)
Product Of Us – Places feat. Susie Ledge (Extended Mix)
Product Of Us – Rain (Extended Mix)
Promise Resolved – Hadza Moon
Psycos – Late Summer Rave (Extended Mix)
Questhe, Empire Of Mind – The Moment (Original Mix)
Radio Slave – Wild Life (Jamie 3 26 & Danou P ‘DiscoTek’ Remix)
Rafael Cerato – Vocalizer
Rafael Cerato, Niv Ast – On My Knees (Original Mix)
Ralphie B – Massive (Alchimyst Extended Remix)
Ralphie B, Frank Waanders, Collide1 – Neuroshock (Extended Mix)
Ravok Undercode – In Control (Extended Mix)
Raz Alon – Beautiful
Redemption Sound – Magnetic (Original Mix)
ReMech, Gabrielle Ag – Astray (Original Mix)
Rialians on Earth, Billy Esteban – Istibanja (Don Jongle Remix)
Rialians on Earth, Billy Esteban – Istibanja (Jay Fase Remix)
Riffle Shuffle – Domino (Christian Hornbostel Remix)
Rob Black – Blow Ya Mind (Extended Mix)
Robert Curtis – Dreamwalking (Original Mix)
Robert Curtis – Thestral (Original Mix)
Robert Solheim – When We Dance
Robin M – Na Tafuta (I’m Looking)
Roman Sand – Shining Light (Original Mix)
RossAlto – Air (Original Mix)
RossAlto – Between the Lines (Original Mix)
RSquared – Say What (Original Mix)
RSquared – Soul Deep (Original Mix)
Rudra (SL) – Takita
RZNEBEL & Introspecto – Cosmic Trip
Rønhoff – Cosmic Dancer
Sabo – Afro Chooz (DJ CHUS Remix)
Saison, Rachel Foxx – Let’s Be Free feat. E-Man (Extended Mix)
San Pacho – In Your Mind (Extended Night Mix)
Sanchä – Border (Original Mix)
Sandgino – Tu & Yo (Extended Mix)
Sandro Bani – La Rara (Extended Mix)
Sasha – Wolks Vagon (Original Mix)
Satoshi Fumi – Eternal Refrain (Stelios Vassiloudi
Schwarz & Funk – Aragon (Original Mix)
Seba Campos – Solo
Sendr – Take Me Away (Extended Mix)
Sergej Bujko – Urania (Extended Mix)
Sevenkey – Right Here
Sevich – Carnage (Extended Mix)
Shadi Kario, Ekin Kutsal – Say My Name
Shahab B – Lost In Time (Original Mix)
Silviu TriK – The Universe Loves – Silviu TriK (Original Mix)
Simon Gregory – Feel Music In The Air (Extended Mix)
Skyhunter Static D4rk – Vapour (Static D4rk Exte
Skyvol, Sashtek – Alpha Mentality (Extended Mix)
Some Of & Tony Esiger – Each Other (Extended Mix)
Some Of, Tony Esiger – Each Other (Extended Mix)
SpaceLine, U-Mount – Bipolar (Extended Mix)
Spada Malov – Pegasus
Spada, Malov – Pegasus (Original Mix)
Speciale – Muscaria
Starry Major – Under The Stars (Extended Mix)
Stefan Achim – In My Blood (Extended Mix)
STNX – Unreal (Original Mix)
Stoim & Toshi & Kususa – Rongo (Kususa Remix)
Stoto – Get You
Strobetek – Retro Colors
Swen Baez – We Are the Future
T.Markakis – Ready For The New Life (George North Remix)
Tamer Fouda – Cyber Punk
Tatana, 88Birds – Black Mirror (Talla 2XLC Extended Remix)
Technetium – Mysteriousness
Technetium – Piacello
TH3 ONE, DJ Dean – Wake Me Up (Extended)
The Bio-Logicalz – What I Mean (30 Years After Mix)
The Khitrov & Maze 28 – Kuaga (Ver-Dikt & Andy Dav Remix)
The Khitrov & Maze 28 – Kuaga (Vishnu LK Remix)
The Molnar – Drilling (Space Yoda Remix)
The Mystic – Johera(Marga Sol Remix)
TIGER SMTH – S’il Vous Plate
TiM TASTE – Control (Original Mix)
Tom Colontonio – 7 Years (Chillout Mix)
Tommy Baynen – Nylon (Original 2011 Mix)
Tommy Taylforth – Far Better Than (Original Mix)
Tony Romera – House Y’all (Extended Mix)
Tony Touch – Apaga La Luz
Torres De Lara – Soy Peor
Tranceminds – Eclipse (Original Mix)
Two R – Something Dark Almost Real
Tycoos, Candle Di – Ignition (Extended Mix)
U-Mount – Peace Of Heart (Extended Mix)
UDM – Illumination (Tom Exo Extended Remix)
Underspreche – Il Canto Delle Fate
UNKND – Supernova (Extended Mix)
Uzun – Course of Life
Uzun – Exit to the Void
Vakabular Hoten – Higher (Extended)
Vakabular & Hoten – Higher (Extended Mix)
Van Der Karsten, Airwalk3r – Skylight (Extended Mix)
VegaZ SL IshaN D – The Sundering Sea (Max Effe E
Ver-dikt & Andy Dav – If You Wanna
Victor Ruiz, Modea – Bloom (Original Mix)
VisionV feat. PHEA – Lonely (Goom Gum Extended Remix)
Vittoria Fleet – Head Radio (RDNK Remix)
VNTM – Occulent (Aalson Remix)
Volac – Come Back (Extended Mix)
Wavetraxx, Lyd14 – Eternal Glow (Extended Mix)
Way of Thinking – Resonancia (Original Mix)
West Cartel – Thymi
Xavier Dunn Maison Ware – Blue Flame (Extended M
XIRA & Little Foot – Find Me feat. XIRA
YAD & Riggel – Reflection (Riggel Version)
Yet More – What You Heard
YokoO – Majahuitas
Yost Koen – Outline (Original Mix)
Yost Koen – Timings (Original Mix)
ZQRM, Ren Faye – The Answer (Extended Mix)
Øulitis – Divine Mantras (ATTMA Remix)
Øulitis – Divine Mantras (Colussi Remix)