DJ Picks: 280 FRESH TRACKS (Melodic House & Techno – Tech – Techno – Trance – Progressive – Deep House) 19/05/2023

Styles: Electronic, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Indie Dance, Dance / Electro Pop, Nu Disco / Disco, Funky House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Organic House / Downtempo, House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Trance, Tech House, Deep House
Quality: MP3/320 Kbps

3 Are Legend, Blasterjaxx – Nasty (Extended Mix)
84Bit & Ma Khe – Try (Original Mix)
Accent (Ofc) – Changes (Andrew Drum Remix)
Advent – Fear (Original Mix)
Advent – Take It Slow (Original Mix)
Affkt – Spider Charmer (Original Mix)
Alex Metric – Space & Time (Extended)
Alexk – Long Way (Original Mix)
Alisha – Changes (Mike Dunn Blackball Mix)
Alisha – Changes (Original Mix)
Alison Goldfrapp – Love Invention (Original Mix)
Alison Goldfrapp – Neverstop (Original Mix)
Alison Goldfrapp – So Hard So Hot (Original Mix)
Alr – Dubplate (Original Mix)
Alr – Mortar (Original Mix)
Alr – Switch Off (Original Mix)
Alr, Jenks (Uk) – Bomba (Original Mix)
Alr, Magenta – Blinded Lights (Original Mix)
Andrew Bayer, Vok – No Silence (Genix Extended Mix)
Angelo Ferreri Feat. Susanne Alt – Sax Damage In Nyc (Upper West Side Mix)
Anunaku – Andromeda (Original Mix)
Arve – What Is Wrong (Original Mix)
Asher Swissa, Sandhaus – Angels (Extended Version)
Aure – Uh (Original Mix)
Benny Page, Troublesome – Jungle Time (Original Mix)
Benny V, Subcriminal – Inexsis (Exile Remix)
Benny V, Subcriminal – The Ending (Original Sin Remix)
Billy Da Kid – The Love I Lost (Extended Mix)
Biscits – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
Black Blood, Crazibiza – Take It Easy (Shad Jaxon Remix)
Blckhry – Mary Jane (Original Mix)
Blckhry – Old Skool (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Lissat – Renegade Body (Original Mix)
Bobby Harvey, Abi Flynn, One Bit – Last Summer (Syran Remix)
Body Ocean – Dotted Line (Original Mix)
Body Ocean – Yes Sir (Original Mix)
Bruno Furlan – The Rhythm (Extended Mix)
Butch & Nic Fanciulli – I Want You (Extended Mix)
Bvssflux – Feel Sequence (Deminisce Remix)
Bvssflux – Feel Sequence (Khlosul Remix)
Bvssflux – Feel Sequence (Vip)
Bvssflux – Feel Sequence (Vorial Remix)
Cesc – Inside The Disco (Original Mix)
Chango – Bringin It Back (Original Mix)
Che Jose – Voices (Extended Mix)
Cj Jeff – One Two Three Feat. Elivia
Clyde P – The Thing (Original Mix)
Crazibiza, Ben Willis – White Pony (Original Mix)
Cvmpanile, Draxx (Ita) – Ping Pong (Extended Mix)
Cvmpanile, Draxx (Ita) – Wtf (Extended Mix)
Cyntax – Darkness Surrounding (Original Mix)
Cyntax – Your Time Is Now (Original Mix)
Daniel Portman – Pheromone (Extended Mix)
Danit, Hugel – Cuatro Vientos (Hugel Extended Version)
Danit, Hugel – Cuatro Vientos (Hugel Version) (Extended Mix)
Darksidevinyl – Black Brain (Extended Mix)
David White, Nyrok – Found Myself (Extended Mix)
Deltech – D.A.W.G (Extended Mix)
Deltech – Real Ravers (Extended Mix)
Dither Wild – I Need A Miracle (Original Mix)
Dj Guv – Execution (Profile Remix)
Dj Lora – All I Want Is You (Extended Mix)
Dj Lora – Fading Pictures (Extended Mix)
Domoto – Turn Around (Original Mix)
Doug!, Draxx (Ita) – Daba Daba Daa (Original Mix)
Drezza – Love The Way (Original Mix)
Dyro – Lucid (Extended Mix)
Eazybaked – Diamonds (Original Mix)
Eden Prince – Get Down (Extended Mix)
Edone – Inwaz (Glowal Remix)
Eli & Fur – Better In The Dark (Original Mix)
Emanuele Inglese – Hypnotation (Extended Mix)
Enai – Ira (Yubik Remix)
Enai – This Is A Dream (Undercatt Remix)
F.U.R.O. – Crystallized (Original Mix)
Fabrication Feat. Leo Wood – The Muze (Extended Mix)
Fahjah, Use Caution – Falling Apart (Extended Mix)
Fairtone – We Move
Farius, Tea Petrovic – Chemical Affair (Guy Didden Extended Remix)
Farius, Tea Petrovic – Chemical Affair (John Grand Extended Remix)
Farius, Tea Petrovic – Chemical Affair (Naz Extended Remix)
Fer Br – B3Auty (Remix)
Fernando Olaya – Sensual Box (Teelco Remix)
Ferreck Dawn Feat. The Melody Men – Vibe With It (Extended Mix)
Ferreck Dawn, The Melody Men – Vibe With It (Extended Mix)
Flash Finger, Kill 5Squad – I’m So Amazing (Extended Mix)
Flaya Playa, Maikubi, Nomeli – Uwu Burst (Original Mix)
Franky Wah & Korolova – Lost In Space (Original Mix)
Franky Wah, Korolova – Lost In Space (Original Mix)
Franky Wah, Sorley – Speak To The Highers (Original Mix)
Fuenka – More Love (Extended Mix)
Gabry Ponte – We Are (Original Mix)
Gavril – Night In Buenos Aires (Extended Mix)
Gene Farris, Basura Boyz – Takin’ Over (Original Mix)
Genic – Working The Mod (Original Mix)
Gettoblaster, James Curd, Dj Dagwood – Dum Diddy (Original Mix)
Ghostbusterz – Bando Bando (Original Mix)
Ghostbusterz, Culum Frea – Unbreak My Heart (Extended Mix)
Giorgia Angiuli – Never Too Late (Extended Mix)
Gorge – Tayo 2.0 (Original Mix)
Gorgon City – Voodoo (Francis Mercier Extended Mix)
Goyanu – You Are The Smart One (Original Mix)
Grazze, 88Birds – Pacify (Extended Club Mix)
Haft – Valley Of Stars (Original Mix)
Heist – Just Called (Original Mix)
Hol! – Country Riddim (Original Mix)
Hol! – Country Riddim Vip (Original Mix)
Honey Dijon, Cor.Ece – Stand (Club Mix)
Hpi – Memphis (Original Mix)
Hrrtz, Poppy Baskcomb – Saviour (Extended Mix)
Hypedelic, Von Buoyage – Mad One (Original Mix)
Jake Waltz – Infinity (Original Mix)
James Deron – You Don’t Know (Robbie Rivera Remix) (Extended Mix)
Jess Bays & Hayley May – Colourblind (That Kind Extended Remix)
Jess Bays, Hayley May – Colourblind (Extended Mix)
Jess Bays, Hayley May – Colourblind (That Kind Extended Remix)
Jil Tanner – Toxic People (Fab Massimo Remix)
Jose Galvis, Dum K – Louga (Original Mix)
Josh Butler – Feedback Loop (Original Mix)
Josh Hunter, Essed – Lost In The Music (Extended Mix)
Jul’s – I Can’t Sleep (Original Mix)
Julian Cross, Afrojack – All I Need (Extended Mix)
Julien Curtis – Sweet (Extended Mix)
Junior Sanchez – La Cueva (Original Mix)
Junior Sanchez – No War (Drum Mix)
Kakha Tomadze – Lets Get Into It (Original Mix)
Kalane – Ark (Original Mix)
Kalane – Empire Cephalopod (Original Mix)
Kalane – We Of Them (Original Mix)
Kalane, Illusive – Tungsten (Original Mix)
Kali Mist – Zeppelin (Original Mix)
Kolsch Feat. Troels Abrahamsen – All That Matters (Artbat Remix)
Kuman (Ru) – Enamorando (Original Mix)
Kura – Techno On My Mind (Extended Mix)
Kuriose Naturale, Sascha Home – Lok Molly (Original Mix)
Lauren Mayhew, Agus Zack – Swipe Right (Extended Mix)
Liam Cox – Set Me Free (Extended Mix)
Lister – Your Embrace (Extended Mix)
Lo’99, Ray Foxx – Steppin’ (Extended Mix)
Losless, Roman Kyn – Ubiquity (Original Mix)
Lost Rhythm – Dark Ocean (Nick Devon Remix)
Lost Rhythm – Dark Ocean (Original Mix)
Low Steppa – Out My Way (Original Mix)
Ltn, Ghostbeat – We Are All Equal (Original Mix)
Ltn, Ghostbeat, Passive Progressive – Echo (Original Mix)
Lucas Bahr – Tun Tun (Original Mix)
Lucati, Jesse Bravo – Xtc (Extended Mix)
Luude, Bru-C, Kevin Lyttle – Tmo (Turn Me On) (Original Mix)
Madface, Voicians – Personal Jesus (Original Mix)
Majestic – Annihilator (Extended Mix)
Martinoresi, Danilo Armas – Love & Extasis (Original Mix)
Martinoresi, Juan Dragster – Southamerica (Original Mix)
Mass Digital – Time Flies By Us (Original Mix)
Mat.Joe – Tapinha (Original Mix)
Mathei – Hundred Degrees (Extended Mix)
Matt Sassari, Soshy – Back To This (Extended Mix)
Maur, Evokings – No More Feat. Joanna Cooke (Extended Mix)
Mauro Novani, Corrado Alunni – West Coast Style (Original Mix)
Maxx Play – Your Body (Original Mix)
Mene, Mendo, Any Loida – Eso Lo Que Quiero (Original Mix)
Micronoise – Dirty (Original Mix)
Mindlancholic – Lost In A Dream (Poli Siufi Remix)
Mo’cream, Andre Espeut – Find The World (Original Mix)
Momo Khani, Id.Jay – Azadi (Evren Furtuna Remix)
Morgin Madison & Ryan Lucian – Stimulate (Extended Mix)
Mr. Zim – I Got So High (Original Mix)
Nala – Growth (Original Mix)
Nate Katz, Londonbridge – Terrified (Extended Mix)
Neffa – Back Again (Original Mix)
Nightfunk – Tequila (Extended Mix)
No Hopes, Max Freeze – I Do (Extended Mix)
Nors Kode – Patience (Extended Mix)
Nors Kode, Helium – Melon Juice (Extended Mix)
Nors Kode, Michelle Featherstone – I’m On Fire (Extended Mix)
Oculist – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
Orient (Es) – Chiki Ta (Extended Mix)
Partida, Space Fear – Aprieta (Extended Mix)
Patrick Topping, Might Delete Later – Make Me Happy (Extended)
Phadan – What We Got (Original Mix)
Piero Pirupa – To The Sky (Original Mix)
Pitt Larsen – Dancing Queen (Original Mix)
Pls&Ty – New Color (Extended Mix)
Popcorn Poppers, Roman Pulga – Sign Your Name (Original Mix)
Primate – All Of Your Love (Original Mix)
Prok & Fitch – Clappa (Extended Mix)
Prok & Fitch – Naughty (Extended Mix)
Pysh, Gespona – Codename Eagle (Original Mix)
Red Machine, Shevtsov, Krasavin – Afterparty (Original Mix)
Regard, Ella Henderson – No Sleep (Drop G Remix)
Regard, Ella Henderson – No Sleep (Extended)
Retrovision – Be With You (Extended Mix)
Saint Riders – Dogs (Original Mix)
Saint Riders – Hmf (Original Mix)
Saint Riders – Rite (Original Mix)
Saint Riders – Wave (Original Mix)
Samantha Loveridge, Treetalk – Losing My Religion (Extended Mix)
Sandhaus, Tamir Regev – Breath It Out (Urmet K Extended Remix)
Sawtooth – Shuriken Sunrise (Original Mix)
Sawtooth – Yakuza (Original Mix)
Se3K – Eat Sleep Techno Repeat (Extended Mix)
Several Definitions – Ad Adrast (Original Mix)
Shouse & David Guetta – Live Without Love (Extended Mix)
Silque – Hold On (Extended Mix)
Slippy – Wait For Me (Original Mix)
Slippy, Luma – Like It Was (Original Mix)
Sllash & Doppe – Bamboleo (Original Mix)
Sonic Soul Orchestra, Kathy Brown – Touch Me (Risk Assessment Extended Mix)
Sonny Fodera, Paul Woolford & Ella Henderson – Like I Used To (Extended Mix)
Sound In Noise – Stalker (Original Mix)
Stan Kolev – Ananda (Teklix Remix) [Outta Limits]
Steryx – Contact (Original Mix)
Steryx – Mad Dogs (Original Mix)
Steryx – Shook (Original Mix)
Steryx – Sleeper Hold (Original Mix)
Steryx – Submerged (Original Mix)
Sustance, Strategy – Undercurrent (Original Mix)
The Kite String Tangle – Fist Fight (Jonas Saalbach Extended Mix)
The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (Vip)
The Shooters – Papi (Extended Mix)
Tiaem – Quasar (Extended Mix)
Tommie Sunshine, On Deck, Skemaddox – Hevy (Original Mix)
Tony Metric – Pa’ Delante (Original Mix)
Two Are & Aves Volare – Too Late (Extended Mix)
Vektral, Lucy Banks – Broken Silence (Original Mix)
Vesk Green – Night (Original Mix)
Vito V – Somebody Like U (Original Mix)
Wade – The Movement (Original Mix)
Wallace (Uk) – Breaking Up (Original Mix)
Wax Motif – Telugu Tech (Extended Mix)
Weird. – Aburaya (Original Mix)
Will Taylor (Uk) – Dmt (Original Mix)
Wlad – Stomping To The Beat (Zynk Remix)
Xandl – Zeppelin [Maneki Neko]
Xdbr – I Like That (Original Mix)
Yame, Indieveed – Avalon (Original Mix)
Yellow Space – Focus (Original Mix)
Yulia Niko Feat. Paul Brenning – Feeling (Extended Mix)
Yulia Niko Feat. Paul Brenning – Just A Feeling (Maxim Lany Extended Remix)
Zapya, Youngjakeyy – Tactics (Original Mix)
Zero T, Minor Forms – Second Guess (Original Mix)