DJ Picks: 190 FRESH TRACKS (Melodic House & Techno – Tech – Techno – Trance – Progressive – Deep House) 12/03/2023

Styles: Electronic, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Indie Dance, Dance / Electro Pop, Nu Disco / Disco, Funky House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Organic House / Downtempo, House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Trance, Tech House, Deep House
Quality: MP3/320 Kbps

Aaron Suiss With Peled And Basil Oglue – Into The Shadows (Original Mix)
Aaron Suiss With Peled And Basil Oglue – Into The Shadows (Voices Of Valley Remix)
Aaron Suiss With Peled And Basil Oglue – Through The Darknezz (Original Mix)
Abel Ramos And Robbie Rivera – Aracaju Vibes (Extended Mix)
Adri Block And Bronx Cheer – Get It Up
Adri Block And Paul Parsons – Disco Jewels Vol 4 (Club Mix)
Against All Odds – Coming Back
Against All Odds – Paradox
Alessandro Conti – Dawn Can Wait (Mike Mccarthy Remix)
Alex Vale – Hideaway (Extended Mix)
Alon Halperin – The Underground
Alvaro Carias X Georgia Velaske – Get The Crown Ii (Remix)
Anastas Karikh – Anesthesia
Anastas Karikh – Nanjon
Andrew Rayel And Avian Grays – Shine Like You
Antonio Kolic And Nukey Feat Tania Foster – Wanna Go Back
Armin Van Buuren And Blasterjaxx – La Bomba (Extended Mix)
Block And Crown X Hutch – Stay Off My Back
Bog Ft Afnan Prince – Breathe (Original Mix)
Bogdan Vix And Renee Stahl – Forever (Bogdan Vix And Airborn Remix)
Bogdan Vix And Renee Stahl – Forever (Bogdan Vix And Claudiu Adam Remix)
Bruno Zarra And Sylva Drums – Sambodromo
Bynomic And Stan Seba – Yellow And Red Stone (Jhordan Welsch Remix)
Bynomic And Stan Seba – Yellow And Red Stone (Marway Remix)
Bynomic And Stan Seba – Yellow And Red Stone (Mauro Aguirre Remix)
Bynomic And Stan Seba – Yellow And Red Stone
Carly Wilford – The Awakening
Cashcult And Blipshift – Gettin Down (Club Mix)
Ciaran Mcauley And Emilie Rachel – Move On (Single Mix)
Connor Jack – Ghosts (Original Mix)
Cosmic Gate And Nathan Nicholson – Just The Beginning
Crazibiza – Jockamo (Original Mix)
Daniel – From Here To There In Under A Second
Daniel – The World Is Full Of Light
Daniel – When I Look Up To The Heavens
Darren Obrien And Violet Dolivo – Forbidden Love (Original Mix)
Davey Asprey – Edgerunners
David Broaders – Evenfall
David White And Nyrok – Love Power Victory (Extended Mix)
Deepro – Berlin
Delaunay And Khalvin Ft Eva Sizar – Strangeness (Airbas Remix)
Delaunay And Khalvin Ft Eva Sizar – Strangeness (Nick Gilles And Dany De Lonhy Remix)
Delaunay And Khalvin Ft Eva Sizar – Strangeness
Den Kustov And Nasti.K – Tropical Dampness
Digma – Ride Or Die
Dj T.H. And Sharon Valerona – Catch You When You Fall
Druce And Mysticage – Soul Mirror (Extended Mix)
Ed.E – Nobody Else (Dimitris Palikaris Remix)
Ed.E – Nobody Else
Elevven – The Distance
Emma Hewitt X Orjan Nilsen – Warrior
Erdi Irmak And Haums – City Of The Sun (Extended Mix)
Estiva And Julia Church – On The Line
Eve – Freedom
Eve – Friend In The Light
Florian Bernz – Code
Florian Bernz – The Ocean
Foxela And Andrew A Feat Barmuda – Guesses (Original Mix)
George And Anrry – All About (Extended Mix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani – Conscious Mind
Greg Oakland Ft Tara Louise – Never Temporary
Guezmark – Haveli (Original Mix)
Gusti Rabago – Sama (Agustin Pietrocola Remix)
Gusti Rabago – Sama (Dianarp Remix)
Gusti Rabago – Sama (Diego Moreira Remix)
Gusti Rabago – Sama
Hector Moreno – Resistance
Hector Moreno – Take Me High
High On Mars – Cosmic Purpose (Extended Mix)
Illarion – Bridge (Extended Mix)
Jaxx And Vega X G – Sus – Thunderdome (Extended Mix)
Jay Vegas – Another Dimension (Mattei And Omich Remix)
Jay Vegas – Another Dimension (Organ Mix)
Joaco Salerno – Grogu
Joaco Salerno – Mando
Jon.K – Varnasi
Joop And Neenoo – Alone (Extended Mix)
Kamilo Sanclemente – Dune
Kaskade And Deadmau5 Pres Kx5 – Sacrifice (Extended Mix)
Khaen – Ferdinand
Kimi Simon – Resilience
Kirill Guk – Centurion (Original Mix)
Kirill Guk – Libertas (Original Mix)
Kirill Guk – Parable (Original Mix)
Koyah And Phillip Castle – Horizon
Krndsh – Everything
Larce – Pendulum (Extended Mix)
Lisa Louder Ft Jodie Poye – Safe Place (Craig Connelly Remix)
Lisitsyn And Alateya – Every Night (Alex Konstantinov Remix)
Lord X Damico And Valax – Power
Lowren Ros – Again
Lowren Ros – Unlimited
Luan – Mystical
Luke Brancaccio And Gai Barone – Memory Child (Original Mix)
Luke Brancaccio And Gai Barone – Until The End (Original Mix)
Luminn Vs Yoshi And Razner – Out Of The Cage
Majnoon – Ay Balam (Ali Termos Remix)
Majnoon – Ay Balam (Erhan Yilmaz Remix)
Majnoon – Ay Balam (Jack Essek Remix)
Majnoon – Ay Balam
Manu Riga – Memory Freeze (Cj Art Remix)
Manu Riga – Memory Freeze
Mark Knight Todd Terry James Hurr Feat. Darryl James David Anthony – Make You Happy (Extended Mix)
Martinec – Follow Me (Focus Fl Remix)
Martinec – Follow Me (Ishan Sl Remix)
Martinec – Follow Me
Marway – Hypnos (Eric Lune Remix)
Marway – Tohil (Noiyse Project Remix)
Mason Flint X Kooyman – Higher
Masters At Work – Maw Apes Groove
Masters At Work – Virus Ruff Mutes (Sax Dub)
Matan Caspi – Overrated
Mike Newman And Antoine Cortez – Macoosa (Original Mix)
Mokx – Pavlopetri (Extended Mix)
Monta (Tn) – Underher (Dub Pepper Remix)
Monta (Tn) – Underher (Natasha Wax And Sony Vibe Remix)
Monta (Tn) – Underher (Original Mix)
Monvol – Alone With You
Monvol – Fake Is Fashion (Depeche House Edit)
Monvol – Fake Is Fashion
Monvol – Keep On Running
Moon Boots And Black Gatsby – Hot Minute (Extended Mix)
Moon Boots And Cherry Glazerr – Come Back Around (Extended Mix)
Moon Boots And Nic Hanson – Take Me To Your Body (Extended Mix)
Moon Boots And Ora The Molecule – Wrong Note (Extended Mix)
Moon Boots And Steven Klavier – Ride Away (Extended Mix)
Mvrs – I Am Okay
Mvrs – The Omen
Mvrs – To The Stars
Nay Jay – Will I Ever Find You
Nelin – Rotor (Extended Mix)
Nelin – Signal (Extended Mix)
Northern Project – In The Name Of Love
Obeidmusic – Elara
Offaiah – Something In Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
Olly Klars – Addition To The Underground
Olly Klars – Kaleidoscope
Oncila – Catch A Fire
Pablo And Escobar – Dance With The Groove (Extended Mix)
Paradoks – Depths Above (Extended Mix)
Paradoks – Levitate (Extended Mix)
Paradoks – Surrender (Extended Mix)
Per Qx And Filip Gronlund And Max C – You And Me (Extended Mix)
Peres – Uneer – D (Jaccowork Remix)
Peres – Uneer – D (Original)
Peter Brown – Body And Soul (Original Mix)
Piganddan With Siavash – Riddler
Piganddan With Siavash – Rumors
Propane – Inner Core
Ra5Im – Chillwally (Club Mix)
Ra5Im – Chillwally
Rafael Cerato And Id Id – Mysteries
Rafael Cerato And Id Id – The Tunnel
Raumakustik – Bugatti (Edit)
Raz Nitzan And Ellie Lawson – The Light In Our Heart
Reezer X Tudor – No Nights Off (Original Mix)
Rianu Keevs – Live Me (Original Mix)
Riko And Gugga – Healing Process
Rospy And Nestora – Floating In The Sky
Ruben Sahun – A World Of Machines
Ruben Sahun – Gargantua Feat. Hombrelobo
Ruben Sahun – Lose You To Love Me
Silver Panda With Goda Brother And Maze 28 – Mosaic (Sparrox Remix)
Silver Panda With Goda Brother And Maze 28 – Mosaic
Stadiumx And Timmo Hendriks Ft Jordan Grace – Save Me (Extended Mix)
Stan Kolev – Dreamfields (Dub Mix)
Takeshis Cashew – El Topo (Feat. Niklas Wandt)
Tamer Fouda – Opposite Mantra
Tamer Fouda – Void
Taylan – Back To Mars (Juan Lagisquet Remix)
Taylan – Back To Mars (Maximo Gambini And Q.A.T Remix)
Taylan – Back To Mars
The Sirius – Nordic Horn (Ivan Aliaga Remix)
The Sirius – Nordic Horn (Mauro Augugliaro Remix)
The Sirius – Nordic Horn (Niesky Remix)
The Sirius – Nordic Horn (Original Mix)
Thomas Ferell – Destination
Thomas Ferell – The Forest
Tom Enzy – Flamenco (Extended Mix)
Villatej – Alnitak
Villatej – Follow Me
Villatej – Fugitive
Wakati – Sayyat (Dimel De Silva Remix)
Wakati – Sayyat (Kay Mallani Remix)
Wakati – Sayyat (Markus Swarz Remix)
Widerberg And Donner – Is It Real (Extended Mix)
Yalla Mongo – Moonlight Shadows
Zgoot And Skua – Adrift (Extended Mix)
Zgoot And Skua – Adrift (Ruben Hadland Extended Mix)
Zoree – Way Out (Extended Mix)