DJ Picks: 230 FRESH TRACKS (Melodic House & Techno – Tech – Techno – Trance – Progressive – Deep House) 06/02/2023

Styles: Electronic, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Indie Dance, Dance / Electro Pop, Nu Disco / Disco, Funky House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Organic House / Downtempo, House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Trance, Tech House, Deep House
Quality: MP3/320 Kbps

Aaron Dmitriew And Polyed – Autumn Dawn (Extended Mix)
Ace Of Spadez – Illusion (Original Mix)
Addictive Global – Blockchain
Addictive Global – With You In Mind
Ahmed Romel And Silvela – In Your Thoughts
Alberto Blanco – Roter Sommer (Falko 33 Remix)
Alberto Blanco – Roter Sommer (Jolo Remix)
Alberto Blanco – Roter Sommer (Original Mix)
Aldoina And Daelle – Born In The Light (Original Mix)
Aly And Fila With Emma Hewitt – You And I (Ciaran Mcauley Remix)
Amadei – Holy
Amir Telem – Limited Perspective (Alex Medina Remix)
Amir Telem – Limited Perspective
Analog Context – Life Form (Original Mix)
Anderson (Se) – Morag (Original Mix)
Anderson (Se) – Vanaheim (Original Mix)
Andrea Mirgone – Underground (Original Mix)
Andrew Rayel Ft Mike Schmid – Sleepwalking
Andrey Gronsky – Tiger
Androzone – Pedestal
Andy Woldman – If I Could (Fher Vizzuett Remix)
Andy Woldman – If I Could (Jaskyne Remix)
Andy Woldman – If I Could (Mike Barajas Remix)
Andy Woldman – If I Could (Original Mix)
Arkangel – Adobe (Dj Poolboi Remix)
Arkangel – Feel Your Weight (Angara Remix)
Arkangel – Sundance (Vip Mix)
Arkangel – Waterfall (De Minute Remix)
Arkangel – You Shine (Farves Remix)
Armina – Synergy (Original Mix)
Asiso – Alone
Avao – Drug In Me (Extended Mix)
Avis Vox – Feel It (Extended Mix)
Avis Vox – Run From Me (Extended Mix)
Axel Zambrano – Purple
Axel Zambrano – Sanomhi
Banaati And Tarjei Bjermeland – Awakening
Banaati – Millesime
Bassjackers And Ang – Ole Ole (L3N Extended Remix)
Black Strand – Just A Little More
Blizzy Gem And Jason Rivas – Cordd (Club Mix)
Blondee – Suave (Extended Mix)
Brodi – Walls (Original Mix)
Bugra Atmaca – Mirage (Original Mix)
Casper And Ewan Rill – Stock Cycle (James Beethams Arrival Mix)
Casper And Ewan Rill – Stock Cycle (Wolfframm Remix)
Casper And Ewan Rill – Stock Cycle
Cedric Salander – Time
Cenk Eroge And Sancar Yildirim With Ozkan Berber – Everything (Extended Mix)
Chris Schweizer – Higher State
Christos Fourkis – Arabhu
Clawz Sg – Aurora (Original Mix)
Clawz Sg – Cassiopeia (Original Mix)
D – Formation And Nihil Young – The Awakening (Original Mix)
D – Nox And Beckers – Remember (Original Mix)
D – Nox And Gai Barone – Magic (Original Mix)
Daniel Trabold – Spirale (Eins Tiefer Remix)
Daniel Trabold – Spirale (Original Mix)
Das Pharaoh X Fuenka – Purple Sky
Demmo – Its All Right (Extended Mix)
Demmo – Too Late (Extended Mix)
Dennis Sheperd And Jes – By My Side (Joston Remix)
Dimitri Vegas And Steve Aoki – The White Lotus Theme (Aloha) (Extended Mix)
Dmitry Sid – Weird (Radio Edit)
Emiol – Motion Extended Mix
Federico Costantini And Davis Mallory – Anybody
Ferhat Saygi – Passion (Original Mix)
Freuds – Calling (Extended Mix)
Freuds – Let Me Tell You (Extended Mix)
Freuds – Nobody (Extended Mix)
Future Now And Rodez – Exedra
Gabry Ponte Feat Alessandra – Dance Dance (Extended Mix)
Gees – Rule The World (Original Mix)
Gees – Traveller (Original Mix)
Gelios – Timeless
Gorgon City – Rumblah (Extended Mix)
Hit The Bass – Polymorphic
Human And Tudor – Craving You (Extended Mix)
Huminal – Moon Man (Extended Mix)
Ilya Soloviev – Echo (Bryan Kearney Remix)
Ilya Soloviev – Echo
Jackie Jeff – Connection (Alex Kasman Remix)
Jackie Jeff – Connection (Dj Andy De Gage Remix)
Jackie Jeff – Connection (Jahaya Remix)
Jackie Jeff – Connection (Original Mix)
Jackie Jeff – Connection (Qbas Remix)
Jay Nu – Silent River (Kay – D Remix)
Jay Nu – Silent River (Monostone Remix)
Jay Nu – Silent River (Nira Sl Remix)
Jay Nu – Silent River
John Moore (Gr) – Firefly (Kadien Remix)
John Moore (Gr) – Firefly (Rich Towers Remix)
John Moore (Gr) – Sunrise In Kilwa (Matt Lee Remix)
John Moore (Gr) – Sunrise In Kilwa (Ritmicki Hram Remix)
Kaimo K With Saphron And Hardcode – Lifeline
Kaiyan – Cressida (Extended Mix)
Kamilo Sanclemente – Atlantis Lights (Nichols Remix)
Kamilo Sanclemente – Atlantis Lights (Ric Niels Remix)
Kapera Ft Daniel Robinson – Into The Night (Extended Mix)
King Mzaiza Music – Sithi Sithi (Feat. U – Girl And Fezela And Da Goons And Alligator)
Klaas And Sary – Look Into My Eyes
Krama – Klezmer
Kyan – Lonely River (P.O.S And Aname Remix)
Kyau And Albert – Chimera
Kylian Lake – Falling In Love (Original Mix)
Kylian Lake – My All (Original Mix)
Laura Van Dam – Take Me Away
Leo Reyes – The Connexions
Lilu (Ru) – Kiborg (Dub Mix)
Lucas And Steve And Yves V Feat Xoro – After Midnight
Lucas Zarate – One Chance (Original Mix)
Lucas Zarate – The Way You Loved Me (Original Mix)
Manna (Ofc) – Chill Rock (Original Mix)
Maor Levi And Brandon Vendetta Ft Ash Nova – Alone
Marco V – Godd (Mark Sherry Remix)
Marklen – You And Me
Martin Specchiale – Massive (Original Mix)
Martin Specchiale – Whenever (Original Mix)
Massimo Logli Ft Lauren Laimant – I Want Fire (Extended Mix)
Massimo Logli Ft Lauren Laimant – I Want Fire (Santiago Luna Remix)
Massimo Logli Ft Lauren Laimant – I Want Fire
Maur And Evokings Ft Joanna Cooke – No More (Extended Mix)
Mauro Masi And Lucas Zarate – Iridescence (Original Mix)
Maxim Lany – Gravity
Metal Bison – Dying Light
Mhammed El Alami – Reflections
Michael Fearon – Wasting Love
Mike Foyle Vs Signalrunners – Love Theme Dusk (Anuqram Remix)
Mike Saint – Jules And Apollo Nash – Digital Horizon
Mind Of One – Redemption
Miss Nine And Ollie Read Ft Amanda Darling – Supernova
Miyuki Ft Tara Louise – Love Again Like That
Mk8 – Paradise (Extended Mix)
Nicola Fasano And Dual Beat And Plastik Funk – A Deeper Love (Jaydan Wolf Extended Remix)
Nihil Young And Grazze – Eclipse (Original Mix)
Nihil Young – Lysergic (Original Mix)
Oliver Poll – Best Of Me (Original Mix)
Oliver Poll – Dont Let Me Go (Original Mix)
Padre And Luis Leon – Buddy Marvelous (Original Mix)
Padre And Luis Leon – Flaming Tree (Original Mix)
Padre And Luis Leon – Matchstick Cathedral (Intro Version)
Padre And Luis Leon – Matchstick Cathedral (Original Mix)
Parnassvs – Ambrose
Paul C And Paolo Martini – Wakan
Paul Sawyer And Danny Stubbs – All The Way Down
Paul Van Dyk And Weekend Heroes Ft Christian Schottstaedt – Venture X
Product Of Us Ft Jack Walton – Apologise (Original Mix)
Protoculture – Weightless
Rafael Osmo – Liquid
Rank 1 – Awakening (Marlo Remix)
Redspace And Ismail.M – Jaguar
Redspace And Ismail.M – Lost In Bali
Robert Falcon – Shake Milk (Festival Mix) (Extended Mix)
Rocio Portillo And Valley (Ar) Ft Karim Sar Sar – Condor Plateado (Jesuan M Remix)
Rocio Portillo And Valley (Ar) Ft Karim Sar Sar – Condor Plateado (Maximo Lasso Remix)
Rocio Portillo And Valley (Ar) Ft Karim Sar Sar – Condor Plateado (Original Mix)
Rocio Portillo And Valley (Ar) Ft Karim Sar Sar – Condor Plateado (Pedro Belardo Remix)
Rod V – Ethereal (Dp – 6 Remix)
Rod V – Ethereal (Lucas Romagnoli Remix)
Rod V – Ethereal
Rod V – Nebula (Lucas Romagnoli Remix)
Rod V – Nebula
Romm – After The Edge
Ruffo – Au Revoir
Ruffo – Fibra
Ruffo – Messie
Ruslan Radriges – Im Not Scared
Scorz And Malou – Love Like Were Dying (Extended Mix)
Sercan Yanbay – Mysterious (Original Mix)
Sercan Yanbay – Mystery (Original Mix)
Seumas Norv – Believe Me You Can Make It
Seumas Norv – Danny Song
Simon Doty Feat. Ursula Rucker – Soulflow
Simon Doty Ft Ursula Rucker – Soulflow
Siwell And Vlada Asanin – Scooter (Extended Mix)
Some People Feat. Mert Harmankaya – Return Of The Future
Somnia – Krishna
Sound Quelle And Tailor – Where We Should Be
South Pole – Breathe (Extended Mix)
Space Motion And Silver Panda – Stranger (Original Mix)
Stan Kolev – Rejoice
Stone Van Brooken And Lkx – Evolution (Original Mix)
Stoneface And Terminal And Roger Shah – Poise
Sven Tasnadi And Jil Tanner – Bed Behavior
Sven Tasnadi And Jil Tanner – Bohemian
Tayllor And G.Zamora – Una Vez Mas (Original Mix)
The Mate – Unstable
Thorin – Universal Language (Manu Riga Remix)
Thorin – Universal Language (Original Mix)
Tim Kari And Cafe De Anatolia – Huma
Tommy Calavera And Pink Fx – Underground Tales (Original Mix)
Tripl And Norri And Yoseek – Need You (Extended Mix)
Ucha – Maasai Dancers (Kiberu Remix)
Ucha – Maasai Dancers (Tomy Wahl Remix)
Ucha – Maasai Dancers
Uno Eternity And Another Big Cat – Ethereal (Extended Mix)
Vertefeuille – Reflective Paths (Original Mix)
Vxsion – Parasah (Extended Mix)
Wadd And Tom Keller – Ya Alby (Original Mix)
Whiteout And Norni And Malene – Cry
Will Dekeizer – Fools Gold (Original Mix)
Will Dekeizer – Sapphire (Original Mix)
Will Dekeizer – Yearning (Original Mix)
Wydji – Serpentine
Yence505 – Endless Fight (Extended Mix)
Yonsh – Scandal (Original Mix)
Yoshi And Razner – The Essence (Ben Van Gosh Remix)
Zonderling – Sirene (Original Mix)