DJ Picks: 300 FRESH TRACKS (Melodic House & Techno – Tech – Techno – Trance – Progressive – Deep House)

Styles: Electronic, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Indie Dance, Dance / Electro Pop, Nu Disco / Disco, Funky House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Organic House / Downtempo, House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Trance, Tech House, Deep House
Quality: MP3/320 Kbps

A.H.A – Sound Of Souls (Original Mix)
Adam Reece – A Shade Darker
Adana Twins – Snake Ritual (Original Mix)
Add – Us – The Orange Sky (Original Mix)
Adin – Back To Life (Original Mix)
Adin – Flame (Original Mix)
Adip Kiyoi Feat Romy Wave – Found You (Extended Mix)
Ag10 – Blurred
Ag10 – In The Beginning
Ahmed Helmy And Gid Sedgwick – Exploited Lover (Deep Mix)
Alain Fanegas – Meraki
Alat – Ch.1 The Birth Of Evil
Alessandra Roncone And Rinaly – Corpi Celesti (Haikal Ahmad And Vision X Remix)
Alex Nocera And Roy Batty – Odessey (Extended Mix)
Alex Vanni – Arpeggio (Extended Mix)
Alex Vanni – Falkor (Extended Mix)
Ali Termos – Levantine (Jack Essek Remix)
Ali Termos – Levantine (Stephane Salerno Remix)
Ali Termos – Levantine (Yane Africain Groove Remix)
Ali Termos – Road To Mombasa (Jack Essek Remix)
Ali Termos – Road To Mombasa (Kurt Adam Remix)
Ali Termos – Road To Mombasa (Stephane Salerno Remix)
Alpha 9 And Jonathan Mendelsohn – Down To Love
Alpha 9 And Scorz And Tom Bailey – Calling
Amelie Lens – Affection (Original Mix)
Aname – Buio (Original Mix)
Aname – Inochi (Original Mix)
Anden – Control Me
Andfolk – Shelter (Extended Mix)
Andreas J – Departures (Extended Mix)
Andreas J – People (Extended Mix)
Antares (Uk) – Blazed (Original Mix)
Anton By – Retard Boost
Anturage And Alexey Union – Edge Of Life (Original. Mix)
Anturage And Alexey Union – Edge Of Life (Yourr Remix)
Anunnakis – Nibiru (Extended Mix)
Armin Van Buuren Ft. Skoles – Goodbye (Extended Mix)
Armonica – Daydream (Original Mix)
Arty Ft Tania Zygar – The Wall (Elevven 2022 Remode)
Ash K And Junior – Essence Of The Fall
Atom (Ie) And Urannia – Journey Through Sound (Benicci Remix)
Atom (Ie) And Urannia – Journey Through Sound (Original Mix)
Audioglider – Depth Perception (Rigooni Remix)
Audioglider – Splintered Lightning (Domingo Loveclub Remix)
Avao – Stay Focused (Extended Mix)
Awka And Baya Ft Lenn V – Lights
Balzar – Perseverance (Original Mix)
Bandanddos And Sparrow And Barbossa – Grown And Sexy
Bayca – Promises (Original Mix)
Bella Boroush – Saghar (Farbodarwish Remix)
Beth Lydi – Sunrise And Tequila
Betweenus With Vjs – Floating (Extended Mix)
Blastoyz – Colosseum (Extended Mix)
Bondi And Jacob Drescher – Turning Blind
Brian Kuhn – The Sweet Spot (Original Mix)
Broadhurst – In The Garden Of Light (Extended Mix)
C – Systems – Crusader (Extended Mix)
Cary Crank And Kadhem – Dusk Till Dawn (Lian Gold And Erika Krall Remix)
Cary Crank And Kadhem – Dusk Till Dawn (Original Mix)
Che Jose – Prometheus (Extended Mix)
Chris Avantgarde And Kevin De Vries – Condition (Original Mix)
Chris Rane – Life Is A Lonely Place (Extended Mix)
Christina Novelli And Bixx – Putting Out Fires
City Of Rebellion – Triboulet (Original Mix)
Cloz And Orange Jd – Sky (Franco Romano And Proler Remix)
Crisy – Absolute Zero (Original Mix)
D – Nox And Beckers – Control (James Harcourt Remix)
Da Fresh And Noidor – Adrar
Daniel Portman – Falcon Eyes
Datskie – Ripples (Extended Mix)
Datskie – Waves (Extended Mix)
David Forbes – Threshold (Extended Mix)
Deborah De Luca Ft Valeria Mancini – Is Mine (Original Mix)
Delta Vaults – Forever In My Mind
Denis Kenzo And Whiteout – Slower (Original Mix)
Dexxx Gum – Tribo
Diago – No One (Original Mix)
Dim Angelo Ft Maria Peidi – Dle Yaman (Tebra Remix)
Dino Sauce – Wandas Theme (Extended Mix)
Disco Daze – Fragments
Disco Daze – When I Wake (Pablo Asturizaga Remix)
Dj Aiblo – Gimme (Original Mix) – C5B44E03
Dj Danzik – Earning Feelings (Cj Art Remix)
Dj Leandro – Beyond The Stars (Extended Mix)
Dj Sotto – Acid Love (Original Mix)
Dj T. – Rapture (Original Mix)
Dominik Gehringer – Waiting For You
Double Kay And Vicissu – The Promis (Original Mix)
Dylhen – Apogee (2022)
Eddy Jb – All Alone (Original Mix)
Edx – So Good (Extended Mix)
Eileen Jaime And Entel – Akai (Squ4Re Remix) (Extended)
Ekonovah And Bella Renee – Lighthouse (Cyanic Remix)
Ekonovah And Bella Renee – Lighthouse (Shdws Remix)
Eleonora – Danger Zone (Erly Tepshi Remix)
Eleonora – Danger Zone (Original Mix)
Endz (It) – Acid World (Original Mix)
Endz (It) – Gaaarden (Original Mix)
Erdi Irmak And Noble Spirits – Aniki (Original Mix)
Erdi Irmak And Noble Spirits – Kenda (Original Mix)
Ewan Rill – Antark (Original Mix)
Ewan Rill – Counter (Original Mix)
Factor B – Innerspace (Extended Club Mix)
Farnorthern Paul – Space (Extended Mix)
Fflora And Lenn V And Reezer – Endless Night (Original Mix)
Fher Vizzuett – Control (Original Mix)
Fireblast And Djiva – Music Of The Night (Anton Trian Extended Remix)
Fireblast And Djiva – Music Of The Night (Evi Orgatz Extended Remix)
Fortella – Get Up Off The Floor (Fast Boy Extended Remix)
Forty Cats And Bondarev – Collider (Da Luka Remix)
Forty Cats – Indica (Original Mix)
Frankie Vertigo – Inner Circles (Extended Mix)
Frannz – Oriental Snake (Original Mix)
Frannz – The Future Of The Future Is The Present (Erdem Yetim Remix)
Froyke – Piece Of Me (Yeadon Remix)
Fuenka – Adagio For Strings
Gosselt – Feel My Soul (Extended Mix)
Graumann – Birthright (Original Mix)
Green Lake Project – The Citadel (Original Mix)
Green Lake Project – Thorn (Original Mix)
Heard Right Ft Gavin Beach – Eventually (Alex Breitling Extended Remix)
Heard Right Ft Leo Islo – Stay (Youre In Everything) (Hausman Extended Remix)
Helslowed Ft That Girl – In Silence (Marcel Van Houte Remix)
Helslowed Ft That Girl – In Silence
Holly North – Rien (Original Mix)
Hot Since 82 – Poison (Miane Remix (Extended Version))
Hot Tuneik – Guateque Nights (Kris Dur Remix)
Hot Tuneik – Guateque Nights (Sequnson Remix)
Huvagen – Complicated Love (Extended Mix)
Hymerhos Ft Aleesia – Save Me From You (Extended Mix)
I Promised Mom – What Happened To Us
Ibranovski And Willie And Wartaaladje – Komnaarmetoe
Inessa – In The Forest (Original Mix)
Inessa – Samadhi (Original Mix)
Isaag – Nefertari (Original Mix)
Isaag – Zigurat (Original Mix)
Ivan Tufino – To Another Day (Extended Mix)
Izhikiel – Breathing (Original Mix)
James Curd X Marius De Vries – Auditory Gates
James Dust And Thomas Lloyd – For The Love Of A Princess (From Braveheart) (David Heart Remix)
Javier Valencia – Ego (Extended Mix)
Jax D And Michon – Reflection (Dub Mix)
Jepe – Out Of The Blue
Jerry Ropero And Peter Mac – Angels (Deep Mix)
John Askew – People Are Strange
Jon.K – Taheri (Dub Mix)
Kamilo Sanclemente Ft Sarah Chilanti – The Last Mermaid (Teiao Pres. Sarah Chilanti Remix)
Kamilo Sanclemente – Atlantis Lights (Foletto X Albuquerque Remix)
Kamilo Sanclemente – The Last Mermaid (Original Mix)
Karpovich – Synthwave Flashback (Salm Raisov Remix)
Kaskade And Deadmau5 Pres. Kx5 Ft. James French – Avalanche
Kataploks – Weightless Love
Klaas – One Two Step (Extended Mix)
Klaas X Matthew Tasa – Take On Me – Zzzz
Kreative Nativez X Dr Feel Ft Philasande – Iqhawe (Original Mix)
Kvsh X Sevek And Kenny Musik – Desperado (Club Mix)
Lane 8 – Watermelon Wormhole (Ocula Remix)
Lane 8 – Watermelon Wormhole (Original Mix)
Lee Coulson – Better Than This (Staysis Extended Remix)
Lee Coulson – Better Than This (Ucros Extended Remix)
Levitate – Lobo (Extended Mix)
Lola Audreys Feat Nile Rodgers – Miami (Paul Woolford Extended Remix)
Luca Guerrieri – Interference (Extended Mix)
Luke Coulson And Re – Type – Drowning (Axel Haube Remix)
Maarten De Jong – Phase One (Extended Mix)
Mac And Ward – Deal With It (Original Mix)
Made Of Light – Everything (Original Mix)
Madraas – Vida (Mredrollo Remix)
Marcelo Vasami And Figueras – Chaotic (Original Mix)
Marcelo Vasami And Figueras – No Words (Original Mix)
Mariano Repetto – Neverending (Fer Torti Remix)
Mariano Repetto – Neverending (Original Mix)
Mark Hoffen – Dreams (Original Mix)
Mark Lower – Larrys Way – 3A673A77
Markus Lawyer – Apus (Extended Mix)
Markus Schulz X Khomha – Take Me (Extended Mix)
Mary Mesk – Cronos (Extended Mix)
Mary Mesk – Malanka (Extended Mix)
Matteo Gargallo – Inner Truth (Goda Brother Remix)
Matteo Gargallo – Inner Truth (Thinkdeep Remix)
Max Freegrant And Slow Fish – The Climb
Max Millan Ft Sws And Wild Joker – Going Back To My Roots (Original Mix)
Maze 28 – Eternal Now (Original Mix)
Maze 28 – Eternal Now (Project Placebo And Led Remix)
Meowwow Ft Meredith Bull – Present Moment (Radio Edit)
Meyer – Destiny (Extended Mix)
Michael Feiner – Follow
Micky Stardust – Making Moves
Mlox – Cosmos (Original Mix)
Moby – All That I Need Is To Be Loved (Mv)
Moby – Move (Mk Blades Mix) – 7C5Be5D0
Moby – Move (Sub Version) – 600F1088
Moby – Unloved Symphony – 292Aa21F
Monococ – Poseidon (Original Mix)
Moon Boots And Cherry Glazerr – Come Back Around
Moon Boots And Nic Hanson – Take Me To Your Body
Moritz Hofbauer – Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
Mosimann – Carol Of The Bells
Mr.Mind – The Rain (Original Mix)
Muhammed Felfel And Obeidmusic – Trauma (Original Mix)
Nacho Varela And Cruz Vittor And Cocho – Could Be
Narik With Zara Taylor – Heartbeat (Original Mix)
Nicky Romero And Afrojack – Back To Where We Started (Extended Mix)
Nicola Maddaloni – A Dream Of Peace (Original Mix)
No Thanks – What You Want (Original Mix)
North Echo Ft Sloh – Transhumance (Original Mix)
Odette Hayas – Bhavani
Odette Hayas – Immortal
Pagano – Poema (Extended Mix)
Pakka And Lewyn – Cynical Love
Paradoks – New Beginning (Extended Mix)
Paravorik – Words (Jaytech Remix)
Paty Pat – From Galaxy To Galaxy (Original Mix)
Paty Pat – La Synthesis (Original Mix)
Paul Parsons And Adri Block – The Beat On Saturday (Original Mix)
Paul Sawyer With Danny Stubs And Susie Ledge – Reverie
Pavel Khvaleev Pres Paraframe – Shining
Per Qx – Can You Release (Per Qx Back To The 80S Mix)
Peres – We See We Give (Ewan Rill Remix)
Peres – We See We Give (Original)
Pinto. – Trench (Original Mix)
Platon (Ru) – Ethereum (Digital Mess Remix)
Polar Inc. – Eames
Praana – Landing Patterns (Extended Mix)
Rage – No Choice
Ram And Roxanne Emery – Echoes
Re Dupre And Handek – Miami Vice
Re – Type – Endless (Original Mix)
Redspace And Ismail.M – Cloud (Original Mix)
Replicanth – Instinto
Rickysee – Should Have Known (Whsk Remix)
Rickysee – Should Have Known
Robin Schulz Feat Mougleta – Rockstar Baby (Wave Wave Remix)
Rolo Green – Raven (Pete K Extended Remix)
Roman Messer And Nomosk And Airwalk3R – Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Royksopp And Susanne Sundfor – Stay Awhile
Sam Heyman – Amelie (Original Mix)
Sam Heyman – Calling (Original Mix)
Sean Tyas Ft David Berkeley – Believe (David Elston Remix)
Seegy – Memories (Extended Mix)
Sendr X Andy Kumanov – From Me
Sergej Bujko – Love Again
Serra 9 And Fanizza – Run Around
Showtek And Lockdown – In My Soul (Extended Mix)
Sian – I Will Wait For You (Grum Remix)
Sian – I Will Wait For You (Original Mix)
Siskin – Always You (Club Mix)
Siskin – Always You (Extended Mix)
Slow B – Escape (Original Mix)
Slow B – Niagara (Oiriginal Mix)
Somna And Clara Yates – The Reason Why
Sonin Ft Lewyn – Waterfall (Extended Mix)
St.Ego – She Loves You (Original Mix)
Stan Kolev And Morttagua – Ainanna (Original Mix)
Static Seven – Signal From Past (Original Mix)
Stereo Mind – Better Days (Original Mix)
Steve Dekay And Hit The Bass – Purification (Extended Mix)
Stone Van Brooken And Pete K – Prisma (Original Mix)
Sunday Noise And Kane Sonder – Addicted (Murphys Law Remix)
Sunday Noise And Kane Sonder – Addicted (Original Mix)
Sunlight Project – Roller Coaster Ride (Radio Edit)
Sunlounger – Sunsets And Bonfires (Roger Shah Uplifting Remix)
Sunny Lax – Ayahuasca
Super8 And Tab – Horizon
Susana – Dark Side Of The Moon (Stoneface And Terminal Dark Mix)
Susana – Dark Side Of The Moon (Stoneface And Terminal Remix)
Taylor Torrence And Eke – Turbulence (Extended Mix)
Tempo Giusto – Casino (Extended Mix)
Tephra – Count On Me
Thomas Klipps – Wobble (Original Mix) – 2Cb93Aac
Tokyo Fan Club – Horses (Echonomist Remix)
Tom Boldt And Sarah Russell – Real To Me (Extended Mix)
Tritonal – Adelphi 88 (Leonard A Remix)
Tritonal – Adelphi 88
Tube And Berger With Alegant And Armaja – Imagine (Alexey Union Remix)
Tungevaag X 22Bullets X Mentum – Toxic (Extended Mix)
Turako And Attwa – Baiwa
Turako And Attwa – Bipolar (Feat. Hatem Zahran)
Unknowns – Reload (Original Mix)
Vall – Never Again
Vassy X Bingo Players X Disco Fries – Pieces (Extended Mix)
Vintage Culture – Agape (Extended Mix)
Volaris – Take Me Under (Extended Mix)
W And W And Ben Nicky And Kevu – Freed From Desire (Extended Mix)
Wavejackers – Argonot
Wavejackers – Dunya
Wavejackers – Tribe Spirit
Will Atkinson And Gary Go – If I Spoke Your Language (Grum Remix)
Will Sparks And Shortround – Pills (Deborah De Luca Remix)
Will Sparks And Shortround – Pills
Yoel Lewis And Meital De Razon – Brave (Kostya Outta Extended Remix)
Yordee – Activity (Original Mix)
Yotto And Karlous Pres Something Good – Rhythm (Of The Night)
Zacharian And Zamy – Crusio (Original Mix)
Zaro – Make It Better (Extended Mix)
Zeus Pres Airnova – End Game (Original Mix)
Zigan Aldi And Monohole And Ezgihan – Bir Dalda (Majnoon Remix)
Zigan Aldi And Monohole And Ezgihan – Bir Dalda (Original Mix)
Zigan Aldi And Monohole And Ezgihan – Bir Dalda (Sis Remix)
Zrak – Love Is Lost (Original Mix)