DJ Picks: 255 FRESH TRACKS (Melodic House & Techno – Tech – Techno – Trance – Progressive – Deep House)

Styles: Electronic, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Indie Dance, Dance / Electro Pop, Nu Disco / Disco, Funky House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Organic House / Downtempo, House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Trance, Tech House, Deep House
Quality: MP3/320 Kbps

Adin – Back To Life (Kamadev And Paul Hazendonk Remix)
Adri Block And Paul Parsons – Straight From The Heart (Nu Disco Club Mix)
Afinity And Nevve – Endless (Best Of Me)
Alex Gold X Mark Le Sal – Stranded In Paradise (Dirty Freqs Remix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H. And Rene Ablaze – Tulum
Alex Vanni – Millennium (Extended Mix)
Ali Termos – Ava
Ali Termos – Levantine
Allen Watts – Dynamo (Extended Mix)
Amir Telem – Praladha (Original Mix)
Amir Telem – Quiet Mind Blue Sky (D – Formation Remix)
Andretta And Van Dope – Who (Extended Mix)
Andy Newtz – Ex Animo (Intro Mix)
Anturage And Alexey Union – Edge Of Life (Sandhog Remix)
Anturage And Alexey Union – Edge Of Life (Space Food Remix)
Arctic Moon Ft Jessica Lawrence – Like The Sun (Xijaro And Pitch Remix)
Armonica – Homeland (Original Mix)
Armonica – Lullaby (Original Mix)
Artbat With Argy And Zafrir – Tibet (Original Mix)
Asteroid – Catharsis (Michael Kaelios Remix)
Atalkingdrum – About Love (Zuma Dionys Remix)
Atom (Ie) And Urannia – Journey Through Sound (Stratoverb Remix)
Atragun And Paul Prokop – Connected Cultures (Extended Mix)
Atropate – Its Your Change (Original Mix)
Auric – Power Of The Moon (Original Mix)
Awka And Baya Ft Lenn V – White Sand
Axmo X Sandro Silva – The Soulcatcher (Extended Mix)
Baoure – My True (Extended Mix)
Bayca Ft Mahdi – Smek (Original Mix)
Ben Hemsley – Erase Me (Creamfields Sunset Mix)
Ben Hemsley – Erase Me
Ben Van Gosh And Alex Mazel – Heroes
Blastoyz X Aquatica – Colosseum (Extended Mix)
Bogdan Vix And Claudiu Adam Ft. Mona Moua – Stay (Extended Festival Mix)
Breetz Ft Lj Hills – Mind Games (Original Mix)
Carlita – The Way You Say (Demi Riquisimo Remix (Extended))
Carlita – The Way You Say (Lp Giobbi Remix (Extended))
Carlos Bacchus – Bajo El Sol (Extended Mix)
Cary Crank – Woodpecker (Andre Moret Remix)
Cary Crank – Woodpecker (Original Mix)
Chris Element – Decade
Chris Lowone – I Love You (Extended Mix)
Chronos R Official – Tell Me Why – Idc
Cloz And Orange Jd – Sky (Kebin Van Reeken Remix)
Cloz And Orange Jd – Sky (Original Mix)
Cold Blue And Audrey Gallagher – Broken Things
Cubetonic And Makizante – Make Me Stay
Cuprite And Amir Telem – Praladha (Cuprite Remix)
D – Nox And Beckers – Control (Original Mix)
Danny Fervent And Gid Sedgwick – Life Is 4 Living (Talla 2Xlc Remix)
Dash Berlin Ft. Bo Bruce – All I Want
Dave Spoon Vs. Stix N Stoned – Outrageous
Dee Montero And Warung – Our Future (Original Mix)
Dee Montero – Revolution (Original Mix)
Dee Montero – Tangerine (Original Mix)
Derek Palmer And Hidden Tigress – In The Moonlight (Alan Santy Remix)
Derek Palmer And Hidden Tigress – In The Moonlight (Sergey Lagutin Remix)
Dim Angelo Ft Maria Peidi – Dle Yaman (Ethno World And Arabic Dj Remix)
Dim Angelo Ft Maria Peidi – Dle Yaman (Original Mix)
Diode Eins And Kiele And Moona Lu – Dreams (Extended)
Disco Daze – When I Wake
Discordia – Solar Sailer (Extended Mix)
Discordia – Solar Sailer (Ruslan Device And Katsu Extended Remix)
Dj Danzik – Earning Feelings (Omar Nickel Remix)
Dj Danzik – Earning Feelings (Original Mix)
Dj T.H. And Miyoki – Plume (Original Mix)
Dj T.H. And Shannon Hurley – Stars Call You Home
Drow And Pipo Rodriguez – Xeada (Original Mix)
Dumming Dum – Aeden (Baime Remix)
Dvbbs – Just Words (Extended Mix)
Eddy Tango – Chrome (Ucros Rmx)
Eddy Tango – Rausch (Sundrej Zohar Rmx)
Einmusik – Arrival (Original Mix)
Ekonovah And Bella Renee – Lighthouse (Andrew Lux Remix)
Ekonovah And Bella Renee – Lighthouse
Eli And Fur – Temptation
Elias Erium – Connected (Original)
Elias Erium – Fragmented (Original)
Endz (It) – Last Romantic (Original Mix)
Entel And Luke Coulson – Crisis (Diode Eins Remix) (Extended)
Ericksii Ft Lumynesynth – Adapt
Erik Hakansson – Original Mix (Extended Mix)
Etienne Lars – Subliminal (Dualtekk Remix)
Exile (Ar) And Neeco – Fourth Reactor (Original Mix)
Fellinis And Larski – Downtown (Original Mix)
Fellinis And Larski – I Know You Want It Feat. Amy Jane (Original Mix)
Fellinis And Larski – Waiting For You Feat. Amy Jane (Original Mix)
Findike – Diary Of Darkness (Original Mix)
Fireblast And Djiva – Music Of The Night (Mau Bacarreza Extended Remix)
Florian Bernz – Mixture (Original Mix)
Florian Bernz – Want You Here (Original Mix)
Forty Cats – Cuanto Mas (Original Mix)
Frankie Vertigo – Sundance (Extended Mix)
Frannz – Gotham (Original Mix)
Frannz – Gotham (Surfface Remix)
Frannz – The Future Of The Future Is The Present (Original Mix)
Gil Bokobza – Lema (Original Mix)
Gil Bokobza – Yeladim (Original Mix)
Giorgia Angiuli And Squ4Re – Spark Of Light (Extended Mix)
Green Lake Project – Halo (Original Mix)
Gsep And Rikki Sawyer Ft Summer Moreland – Closer (Extended Mix)
Gustavo Peluzo – Daydream (Extended)
Heard Right Ft Biishop – All For You (Djimboh Extended Remix)
Heard Right Ft Phoebe Tsen – Pulling Me Under (Hessian Extended Remix)
Hessian – Continuum (Extended Mix)
Hessian – I See You (Extended Mix)
Holly North – Hiatus (Extended Mix)
Hot Tuneik – Guateque Nights (Indigo Man Remix)
Hot Tuneik – Guateque Nights (Zankee Gulati Remix)
Humanity Ft Nikola Kara – Get Over – Idc
Husman – Sleepwalkers (Extended Mix)
I Promised Mom And Angst Vor Greta – My Sweet Stranger (Adam Ten And Mita Gami Remix)
Incarma – Children (Dan Kers Remix)
Incarma – Children (Mystic Experience Extended Remix)
Incarma – Children (Ravest Hard Extended Remix)
Into The Ether – I Do (Extended Mix)
Ishan (Sl) – We Control The Dark (Original Mix)
Iurii – Face (Original Mix)
Iurii – Reflection (Original Mix)
James Curd X Marius De Vries – Auditory Gates (Jacques Renault Remix)
James Dymond And Cari – Million Stars
Jamie Stevens – Transference (Chable And Mangans Tranceference Remix)
Jas Hirson – Fire And Ice (Edit)
Jepe – Die Halle
Jerry Ropero And Peter Mac – Angels (Original Mix)
Jo3L – Illusion
Johan Gielen And Tastexperience – Serenity
Jope And Light Below – Love Sphere
Kamilo Sanclemente – Atlantis Lights (Liam Sieker Remix)
Kamilo Sanclemente – Atlantis Lights (Nelin Remix)
Kamilo Sanclemente – The Last Mermaid (Lio Q Remix)
Kash Trivedi – Karnavati (Original Mix)
Kayla Diamond And Avian Grays – You (Extended Mix)
Kevu X Stvw – Moshpit (Extended Mix)
Kevu – Triangle Love (Extended Mix)
Klement Bonelli – Fire – Idc
Kx5 Ft James French – Avalanche (Extended Mix) (Original Mix)
Laidback Luke Feat Isabel Usher – Late Night (Extended Mix)
Landau – Lab (Original Mix)
Laura Van Dam – The Journey
Leo Lauretti And Lukysh – Sahara (Extended Mix)
Levitate – Agua (Harry Square Remix)
Levitate – Agua
Lola Audreys Feat Nile Rodgers – Miami – Idc
Luke Coulson And Re – Type – Drowning (Original Mix)
Lumidelic Ft Mariami – Hold Me (Extended Mix)
M.I.K.E. Push And Push – Youll Find A Way
Made By Pete – Matriarch (Original Mix)
Madraas – Vida (Original Mix)
Madraas – Vida (Serious Dancers Remix)
Manuel Rocca – Amortentia (Manuel Le Saux And Db Mokk Remix)
Marco V And Vision 20 20 – Prove (Extended Mix)
Mariano Repetto – Neverending (Shashi Sl Remix)
Mark Hoffen Ft Trevyse – Titan (Original Mix)
Mark Hoffen Ft Trevyse – Titan (Thodoris Triantafillou Remix)
Mark Valsecchi And Aaron Suiss – Free (Original Mix)
Martin Jensen – Criminal Minds (Extended Mix)
Martin Jensen – Pages (Extended Mix)
Martin Neder – Pragma (Original Mix)
Matan Caspi And Aaron Suiss – One More Day
Matt Fax – Halcyon
Matt Fax – Mirage
Matthew Dreamer – Believe (Original Mix)
Maximus Monster – Forever In My Heart (Original Mix)
Maximus Monster – Let Me Show You (Original Mix)
Maze 28 – Eternal Now (Christian Monique Remix)
Mazen Zidan – Relapse (Original Mix)
Mdmdaan – I Know (Original Mix)
Meyer – Reflections (Extended Mix)
Michael Feiner – Follow (Club Mix)
Middlestones – Zodiac
Moby – All That I Need Is To Be Loved
Moby – Morning Dove
Moby – Move (Disco Threat Mix)
Moby – Move (Xtra Mix)
Moby – Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)
Moody Jones X Life On Planets – Toxic
Moon Boots And Black Gatsby – Hot Minute
Moonclipse – Deep Distance (Original Mix)
Mr.Black And Offer Nissim – Mucho Bien (Joezi Remix)
Mr.Mind – Lost In Time (Original Mix)
Mr.Mind – Moonlight (Original Mix)
Muhammed Felfel And Obeidmusic – Trauma (Teklix Remix)
Myron Eugene – Rebirth
N – Sking And Crisy – Abysswalker
Nicholas Gunn And Jarod Glawe Ft Chris Howard – Lighthouse
Nick De Wit – Soulsearcher
Nima Van Ghavim – We Made It (Extended Mix)
Numedian – Babylon (Original Mix)
Octavio Gimenez – Default (Original Mix)
Odyssay – Castle In The Sky (Original Mix)
Olly James X Skylights Ft. Kris Kiss – East To The West (Extended Mix)
Papillon (Il) And Niki4 – Baloons (Original Mix)
Papillon (Il) And Niki4 – Greenwich (Original Mix)
Paravorik – Words (Original Mix)
Paul (Ar) – G.M.G (Original Mix)
Paul Arcane And Ren Faye – Everything Will Fall Into Place (Extended Mix)
Paul Elov8 Smith – Our Destiny (Original Mix)
Paul Sawyer – The Carousel
Paul Thomas And Chris Bekker – Apex (Black Mix)
Peres – Nocny (Nikko Mavridis Remix)
Peres – Nocny (Original Mix)
Philippe El Sisi And Omar Sherif – Heaven
Platon (Ru) – Ethereum (Dofamine Remix)
Platon (Ru) – Ethereum (Gleb Rubens Remix)
Platon (Ru) – Ethereum (Original Mix)
Pribe – The Storm Inside Of Me
Radianth – Belt Of Venus (Extended Mix)
Rauschhaus And Green Lake Project – Stargazer (Original Mix)
Rawolle And Seidewitz – Teahupoo (Original Mix)
Redspace And Ismail.M – Electric (Original Mix)
Richard Durand And Nicholas Gunn Ft. Raeya – Not Afraid (Extended Mix)
Rickysee – Should Have Known (Bruno Motta Remix)
Rickysee – Should Have Known (La Touche Finale Remix)
Rob Hes And Joey White – Shes Coming (Original Mix)
Robin Hassler – By Your Side (Extended Mix)
Roman Messer And Cari – Serenity
Roman Messer And Cari – Written In The Stars
Ruben Sahun – Singularity (Extended Mix)
Sam Heyman – Oblique (Original Mix)
Serra 9 And Deviu And Phoebe Tsen – Invisible
Sian – Physical (Original Mix)
Sian – State (Original Mix)
Silver Panda – Soul Connection (Original Mix)
Slam Duck – Regeneration
Smash – Unknown (Original Mix)
Solatic – Storyteller
Space Motion – Silver Screen (Original Mix)
Spencer Newell Ft Lokka Vox – I Want You
Stargazers And Emma Horan – The Last Dance
Stas Underhill – Panic Attack (Original Mix)
Stas Underhill – Weird Lead (Original Mix)
Stereo Underground – True Colors (Original Mix)
Sugar Hill Ft Ricky Valens – Black Case (M0B Remix) (M0B Remix)
Sunbios – La Guitarra
Sunday Noise – Consequence (Original Mix)
Sunlight Project – Restless (Extended Mix)
Sunny Lax – Dance With Me
Sunny Lax – Emerald
Tash And Movement Machina – Odyssey (Original Mix)
Themba (Sa) Ft Shina Williams And His African Percussionists – Agboju Logun (Thembas Herd Mix)
Trance Reserve With Neonica And Hidden Tigress – Infinite Space (Exeland Remix)
Tritonal – Adelphi 88 (Jerome Isma – Ae Remix)
Turako And Attwa – Sounds Of Petra
Tycoos And Mike Zaloxx And Shar – Running Out
Viel – Distinct Feelings (Original Mix)
Vil And Epidemika Feat Anna Renae – Give Me Everything (Extended Mix)
Wailey – Complex Life (Original Mix)
Weekend Heroes – Rewindo (Original Mix)
Y.Y And Atmodiver – Taktika (Original Mix)
Yes No Maybe – Again (Original Mix)
Zigan Aldi And Monohole And Ezgihan – Bir Dalda (Anatolian Sessions Remix)
Zigan Aldi And Monohole And Ezgihan – Bir Dalda (Iorie Remix)
Zoya – Seasons
Zrak – Fewerk (Original Mix)