Bigroom & EDM Anthem (JULY 20) Vol.01

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A.Floud – Save Me
Adean – Dream Of Me (Original Mix)
Adhem – Illusion (Original Mix)
Airees – Astronaut
Albert Neve And Sansixto Feat Pfears – Lit (Original Mix)
Aleksandar Vidakovic X Phil Phauler X R.O.G.I – Sound Boy (Original Mix)
Alesso Ft. Liam Payne – Midnight (Rompasso Remix)
Alex Lamark – Artful (Festival Mix)
Alex Noise – Nice People
Alok And Hugel Ft. Amber Van Day – I Dont Wanna Talk (Blacker And James Remix)
Alok And Hugel Ft. Amber Van Day – I Dont Wanna Talk (Deadline Remix)
Alok And Hugel Ft. Amber Van Day – I Dont Wanna Talk (Malarkey Remix)
Andrw Madnss – Play
Andy Kulter – After Dark
Antwan Dago And Dj Princy – Ready
Arch3Rx – First Bahton (Extended Mix)
Argon Shey – Assassins Creed (Extended Mix)
Argon Shey – Attack (Extended Mix)
Argon Shey – Beautiful Trip
Argon Shey – Black Rose (Extended Mix)
Argon Shey – Heartbeat
Argon Shey – Hurricane
Argon Shey – Love Me (Extended Mix)
Argon Shey – Moon
Argon Shey – Starfall
Armak – Bassline Sound (Original Mix)
Armin Hemmati – Tartarus (Extended Mix)
Arty Vs. Nk – Prayer (Extended Mix)
Asarah – Arcade
Astral Noise – Back Once Again (Original Mix)
Atreous X Dominix X Charon – Ashamed
Behwnm And Mehromero – Raid (Extended Mix)
Behwnm And Mehromero – Toward Jungle (Original Mix)
Ben Ambergen And Starjack – Free
Ben Ambergen – Free
Benkay Ft. Omz – Freedom (Vee Brondi Remix)
Bingo Players And Oomloud – Brighter Days
Blackcode And Adventurer – Love Is Violence
Blk Rse – Everything I Need (Kaaze Edit)
Bodyworx With Moti – The Squat Song (With Moti)
Boombastix And Outrage – Mental Universe (Original Mix)
Breathe Carolina And Jordan Jay – Higher
Brian Cross – Boombastic
Calv – Guess Whos Back
Carlo Bari – Slow Down (Original Mix)
Cats On Bricks Feat Krysta Youngs – Unstoppable (Priest J And G.O.B.A Mix)
Cats On Bricks Feat Zach Alwin – Planes Over Ushuaia
Cats On Bricks Feat Zach Alwin – Summer Baby (Priest J And G.O.B.A Big Room Mix)
Cevith – New York
Chance The Closer – Joker
Chris Burke – Savant
Christopher Baumann – Edm
Conor Ross – Came For Love
Costa Leon – Sixth Dimension
Covenants – Lovestruck
Dantoz – House Flute
Darule – Sandstorm (2020 Edm Remix)
David Nova – You
David Saludes Feat Natasha Kingston And Boom Brothers – Happy Life
Denis First – World On Fire
Deniz Koyu – Next To You
Dennii – Burn
Dennii – Daydream
Dennii – Feel My Love
Dennii – Mirror
Dentedaphid7 – Future Nostalgia
Devochka – Waste Me
Dj Luciano – Addicted To Your Love For Eternity
Dj Luciano – Looking For Your Face
Dj Luciano – Shift
Dj Nexus – Feel The Energy
Dj Stranger – Tambo (Radio Edit)
Dragon Beat – New World (Extended Mix)
Emad Ebeat Ft Farzin And Meysam Ahmadi – Dreamy Days (Last Soldier Remix)
Emad Ebeat – Brutal (Extended Mix)
Evol – Immaculate
Fading Light – Caldera (Extended Mix)
Farfarello – Seven Nation Army (Alternative Edit)
Farfarello – Seven Nation Army (Extended Mix)
Farhang And Farbod (Ir) – Arcade Mind (Extended Mix)
Farhang – Eastern Beast (Extended Mix)
Farlo – Elaborate
Fatboy Slim – Gangster Trippin (Sultan And Shepard Remix)
G – Pol And Castion – Get 2 Me
Guy Arthur Ft. Alessia Labate – Stay
Heister – Lethal Industry (Radio Edit)
Hina – Cant Feel (Radio Mix)
Hypersia – This Is The Anarchy (Electro Beat 60 Anthem – Extended Mix)
Jenia Smile And Ser Twister – Exhibit (Original Mix)
Jewelz And Sparks – Django
Jsanz – Alive (Feat. Luis De La Fuente Zonny W And Killv)
Jsanz – Are You Fuckng Ready (Feat. Luis De La Fuente And Joe Parra)
Jsanz – You (Feat. Mon Franko) (Summer Mix)
Kevin Brand – Bomboclap
Kitone – Everybody
Krewella – Anxiety (Prince Fox Remix)
Krewella – Good On You (Shiva Remix)
Krewella – Greenlights (Toneshifterz Remix)
Krewella Feat Alaya And Yung Baby Tate – Like We (Beauz Remix)
Krewella Feat Asim Azhar – Paradise (Futuristic Polar Bears Remix)
Krowst – Daily
Krowst – My Side
Laidback Luke – The Illest
Laidback Luke Ft. Mark Bale – Bass Test
Last Soldier – Prince Of Persia (Electro Beat 80 Anthem) (Extended Mix)
Leo Lauretti And Taygeto Ft Giovanna Bianchi – Find My Own (Dub Mix)
Leo Lauretti And Taygeto Ft Giovanna Bianchi – Find My Own (Vocal Mix)
Macca Sounds – Hero (Dj Luciano Club Remix)
Macca Sounds – Vila
Maddix – Electric
Maddix – Electric
Maddix – Existence
Manse – Close To Me
Marc Korn – Hardcore Girl (Bodybangers And Marc Korn Radio Edit)
Markhese – In The Eyes
Marvega Ft. Nicky Oneil – Summer Celebration
Matt Bukovski – The Light (Extended Mix)
Mave – Criminal Soul
Maxzy – Forget (Extended Mix)
Megisto And Noel Aaron – Only You
Memento Mori – Memory Explosion
Michael Feel And Aleco – All I Need
Michael Schack – Huh
Mike Candys And Laura White – When Youre Dancing
Mike Cervello – Outlast
Mike Leithal – Rogue
Milad Ft Nathan Brumley – Back To Life (Extended Mix)
Mjsm – Gone
Moraii And W1Ld – Celtics (Show Me) (Original Mix)
Moroni – Sequence (Original Mix)
Mr Magicall And Faramarz – Dont Leave Me (Extended Mix)
Mr Magicall And Farhang And Nelly Tgm – Before I Go (Original Mix)
Mr Magicall And Sharp Man And Faramarz – Energetic Night (Extended Mix)
Mr Magicall – Aurora (Extended Mix)
Mr Magicall – Reasons (Extended Mix)
Mr Magicall – Sunglasses (Extended Mix)
Mr. Moudz – Rai
Mwrs – Breath (Club Mix)
N3Ff – Drop It Low
Naems – Lost In The Night
Navab Jalil – Rebirth (Original Mix)
Nervo Ft. Frida Sundemo – Hurt (Original Mix)
Nest – Music
Newik And Lost Carves – The Days (Radio Edit)
Nick Holz – Beat Canon 2
Nico Pusch And Gina Livia – Whithersoever (Summer Edit)
Nimaamin – Vabel (Original Mix)
Nine – Blaze It Up
Noax – Cyberpunk
Noize Generation – Hope Im Wrong (Levex Remix)
Nouva – Some Trumpets
Odssey – Summer Of Love
Olly James And David Shane – Battlefield
Orlando Katan – Getting Your Touch
Orlando Katan – Time Of Visions
Patrick Moreno And Ignition (Ca) Feat Alex Holmes – Feel The Power
Pexot Pey – First Bounce (Extended Mix)
Pexot Pey – Get Ready (Extended Mix)
Pexot Pey – Miami (Extended Mix)
Pexot Pey – Wild (Extended Mix)
Picso – Renaissance (Original Mix)
Pionix – Road Trip
Plastik Funk And Relanium Feat Carlprit – Party
Proyal – Cleopatra (Extended Mix)
Proyal – Dissolution (Extended Mix)
Proyal – Mithak (Extended Mix)
Proyal – Revolution (Electro Beat 70 Anthem) (Extended Mix)
Raflesia – Lost (Dj Luciano Remix)
Raidh – Mine Beach
Rave Republic And Justin Prime – Lionheart
Revealed Recordings – Free
Reynoise – Ragga Box (Original Mix)
Rich Edwards Ft. Victoria Voss – Do It Again
Rich Edwards – Do It Again
Rick Fazzari – Dont Be Scared
Rinzi – On My Way
Roaz And Lukas Vox – Dirty Mind (Remix)
Ron Waha – Took Me Down (Original Mix)
Rotta – Brave (Extended Mix)
Saberz – The Launch
Sam Collins – Lights
Sam Feldt And Vize Ft. Leonoy – Far Away From Home
Sander Van Doorn X Lucas And Steve – The World
Sandro Silva X Kevu – Champion Sound
Sandro Silva X Kevu – Royal (Extended Mix)
Sandro Silva X Kevu – The Night King
Sasver Ft Khosrow Shakibaei – Taste Of Love (Saman Mehmani Remix)
Sbtncross – Kanda (Bernardo Basso Recut Version)
Scarlet Phantom – Fucked Me Up
Seth Hills – Rewire
Sharp Man And Farhad Zohdabady – Breath Of Life (Extended Mix)
Sharp Man – Thunder Planet (Extended Mix)
Sick Individuals – Ruby
Sii – Tnt
Slambang And Rigid – Veteran (Original Mix)
Smack X Raven And Kreyn Feat Rebmoe – In My Opinion
Splendore – Come Online
Stanv – Lifesaver (Extended Mix)
Stefan Bors And Outrage And Reos – Our Life
Suprano And Nelly Tgm – Cage (Original Mix)
Swanky Tunes Vs. Jac And Harri – Own The Night
Swanky Tunes – Own The Night
The Great Mood And Pexot Pey – Easy (Original Mix)
The Prestige – In My Life
Thomas Gold – Superhuman (Kosling Edit)
Thyse – My Mind
Tkashsmashed – Better Miracles
Tkashsmashed – Caliente
Tkashsmashed – There Is A Woman
Toby Callum – Falling
Tom Asroald – Daydream
Trevon – Get Wild (Radio Edit)
Triple M And Danni Darries – Bazzline (Thomas Gold Edit)
Tukano – Freedom
Twowelve – Skies
Vanati – Falling
Vantiz – Billionairef
Vargenta And Moji And Arild Aas – One Of A Kind
Vargenta – One Of A Kind
Venomenal – I Wish You Were Mine
Vicious Wolfe – Bizarre
Vicious Wolfe – Cosmic Nation
Vicious Wolfe – Oracle
Vicious Wolfe – Trippy Goddess
Vyda – In The Dark (Feat. Able Faces)
Will Sparks – Exciting New Sound (Extended Mix)
Yinon Yahel – Dont Wait
You – Marine Drop
You – Parasol
You – Tadaima
Zack Aria – Own The Action (Electro Beat 50 Anthem) (Extended Mix)
Zapoff – Euphoria
Zensa – Pop That
Zheno – Bring It Down